Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Scented Owl Creations Review

Scented Owl Creations is an Indie bath company that sells bath bombs, scrubs, lotions and more. The prices are excellent and the products very high quality.

I will be reviewing the bath bombs since that is what I bought this time. I will be doing a review for the body butter at a later date. 

Pretty right? Her packaging is simple (she will change that soon I am told) but effective. and her business card is very cute. 

Now some of you may wonder: What IS a bath bomb? Well, a bath bomb is a scented ball of fun and happiness that once put into water (your bath) it fizzes up and releases the scent and sometimes color to make your bath more relaxing and enjoyable. Some bombs are small like these and are 'mini' sized, some bombs are HUGE and you can break them into smaller parts for more use. 

What I really like about these are the size, they are mini bombs but they pack a ton of power! They are well put together so that they do not drop powder everywhere when you open the wrapping. Some may drop a bit though due to weather or mistreatment by postman. 

Size comparison to my hand

When I put this is the bat it immediately fizzed and started to release the aroma of "sexy beast" a masculine fragrance that I loved. The water did not change color but the scent was very strong for such a tiny bomb. If you have a large tub you may need to use two but I leave that up to your decision. This was highly moisturizing and made my skin feel silky soft afterwards. You may see some oil on the top of your water, do not worry, that is normal and it is good for your skin. 

Fizz! Fizz! (disregard my cracked tub)

It is so fun to watch them dissolve! The scent also lingers the next day, at least it did in my tub. My whole bathroom smelled fabulous and I wanted to just stay in there forever. 
Scented Owl Creations has a varied Scent List that is sure to have something on it for everyone. I got ten different scents and I must say I love them all, especially Amazingly Grace, Mulled Cider and Strawberry Shortcake! YUM!

Want to Know more about Scented Owl Creations or browse their wares? Here are some helpful links!


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