Friday, March 20, 2015

Forever Young Pencil Skirt

Maker - Forever Young

Product Type - Woman's Clothing

Where to buy - Amazon

Price - $14.99

A beautiful, sophisticated pencil skirt for when you want to dress to impress! Modest, perfect for those moments where you want to be seen and not just heard. If ever there was a time to judge a "book by its cover", this skirt would ensure your first place on the bestsellers list.

I do not hate this and yet, I do not love this either. I chose to get this in black (there are MANY colors to choose from) and while yes, it is true to color and a lovely deep black it is NOT true to size. Rather, it fits snugly since there are NO zippers or buttons, its not even elasticated. You will want to go up a size since it is always easier to take in than to let out. 

The feel of this is nice, its not super soft but it is not scratchy either, I would say it is a mi of comfort and just a bit rough. I am 5'0" and this comes to mid calf on me and is quite difficult to walk in and does not leave much room for moving your legs since there is also no slit. I would recommend if you are crafty or know someone who is that you make some alterations: If you are short you may need to hem this or if you want a slit you can try your hand at cutting and sewing one. I do not know how often I will wear this since I do need to alter it but once I do it may be a part of a nice corporate goth look for myself.

Note - I received this product in exchange for an honest review.


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