Tuesday, June 30, 2015

80D style stockings - Black

Maker/Seller - Lolita Charm

Product Type - Fashion

Where to Buy - Amazon

Price - $7.95

Height: 4'9"-5'4", Hip:33"- 38.5"
One size fits most XS, S, or M frames
80 Denier Tights


I am not sure what Denier tights are but if it means soft then yes! These fit the bill. These have to be the softest tights ive worn but they are also light so they can be used in spring and fall with no problems. The packaging for these are super cute and i loved them for that initially.

The material is slightly stretchy and these slip on easily. These are made for petite indiviguals so if you are tall you will need to look at a different pair. I am 5ft even so these fit perfectly. I usually have a foot or so left over from other brands that I have to either pull them up and have wrinkles behind my knees or pull the loose material under my feet which gets uncomfortable. These i do not need to do any of that and I am very pleased.

They say these are for up to a Medium. I am an american Medium/Large depending and these fit snug, but not tight. I wore these with my Lolita Charm skirt and they lasted all day even walking through woods with sticker bushes poking my legs. 

Lolita Charm has many gothic lolita and sweet lolita items and accesories for your everyday needs. Blouses, skirts, socks, bracelets..you name it they have it at affordable prices.

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Kung Fu Kitty: Laying Down the Law

Author - Lauri Bortz

Genre - Anthropomorphic Fiction

Pages - 80

The long awaited sequal to Kung Fu Kitty, in which the story of Exodus is retold, set in ancient China with animal characters. Kung Fu Kitty: Laying Down the Law sees a nation of formerly enslaved cats attain a homeland and learn to live in it peaceably, under the guidance of thier wise leader, a King Fu master who travels far and wide - as far as the milky way - to serve her kind.


Where to start.. Well, i can say that i have not read the first book and maybe thats wh y this one threw me for uch a huge loop. The writing style is quite mature and advanced for a book about cats (thier home is called Kitty City for goodness sake) The cats themselves are quite intelligent anf civilized, creating a whole civilization full of milk and cheese and kung fu. How they do this with just paws amazes me buy its is never explained.. Oh well, moving on.

Our hero, or should i say heroine is Wu Zhua a kitty who knows king fu and has established Kitty City and will do anything to protect it. For a book called Kung Fu kitty..there is little king fu at all, really no action in this, its rather bland. The story is dicey and moves far too fast and feels diajointed. This could have benefitted from being a longer story and being able to flesh out characters and environments. We get a lot of information but nothing to do with it, i was confused most of the book.

 Wu Zhua is a likeable character not withput flaws as are the others. I cant say that i disliked anyone in particular whoch is a good thing. I just wish i got to know them more.

One really pleasant part of this book is that there are hand drawn images almost every other page that depcts scenes you have read.  They are cute and add charm to the story and i enjoyed looking at them while reading. While this was a very strange story it wasnt without its merits, just be sure to read the first one.

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Clip in Hair Extensions

Maker/Seller - Nuoqi

Product Type - Fashion/Hair

Where to Buy - Amazon Storefront

Price - $14.91

Nuoqi is a wig and fashion retailer leaning towards cosplay but also everyday wig wear (even some of the outfits are day wear to me) They provide wigs, costumes, anime novelty and other items. 


I recieved the light pink and light blue clip in hair extensions and i was amazed at the quality of these. They slid right out of the packing with hardly any tangling and they are so SOFT. Nothing like a synthetic wig material, this imitates my real hair fabulously.

These are pin straight so some styling and cutting may be necessary for your look. I cut mine to length for my hair and it worked very well (i am terrible at cutting) i will most likely go to my friend to razor it at a later date. Since these are heat resistant i could see barrel rolling it and straightening for many different looks. 

The clips on them are easy to operate and slide in to hair easily with some practise. The clips are white and black that i got and dont really match my hair color but my hair hides them pretty well. I have thin hair so they slid a little bit, i also have bad eyes so i did struggle personally with these but for others it should be a breeze. The high quality and softness of these extensions really gives me confidence to try a wig from them in the future!

Only good pic I could get before it slipped out. My hair is blueish so I used the pink and loved it.

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.

Friday, June 12, 2015

LianSan Sunglasses

Flower design polarized sunglasses

Maker - LianSan

Product - Fashion

Where to Buy - Amazon Storefront

"LianSan" sunglasses brand is originated from China in 1999. we have been focused on high quality glasses for many years. LianSan also has mens sunglasses as well as kids and womens in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.


LianSan has many great styles of sunglasses and the quality is higher than you would expect for such prices. I got a lovely pair of gold/amber sunglasses with amber lenses and a fun goldish floral design on the side. They are super girly and cute!

I have a small head and these fit quite well. They were not too tight nor were they loose. The frame is thick and sturdy so they will last a while. They came came in a cute case with a lense wiper with thier name on It and i thought that was a nice touch.

The lenses do a good job of blocking out the sun and keeping my desire to squint down. The amber lenses give everything a yellowish tint so that may throw some people off but i hear amber is better for blocking rays than black is. They are stylish and would work well with many outfits. They are easy to fold up and put away or place atop your head. 

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pinky Paradise

Pinky Paradise founded in 2006, is one of the largest online stores that sells circle lenses. Circle lenses are cosmetic contact lenses that offer an array of colors, patterns or styles to suit your every whim.

Pinky paradise's website is extremely easy to navigate and you can search for lenses by brand, color, style... Do you want cosplay contacts? How about violet? Want to go crazy with schlera lenses? Pinky paradise has all those and even contacts for astigmatism. Brown, blue, pink, green, red, grey, they have them all and with multiple styles for each color. 

Price varies but for contacts 20$ - 25$ for a pair is not expensive. The UV ones are 29$ and scherla 99$ but really, these are quality contacts you can use again and again and Pinky gives free cute cases with ever order, your lenses will not arrive naked!

Pinky has over 900 styles of contacts but they sell other things as well. Makeup, hair dye, wigs and more are also sold to go with your new lenses and really top off your look. 

Need help? Thier customer service is great and they respond quickly, usually within a few days. They also have how-to videos and contact care information on the site. Pinky Paradise is the best contact shop that I have come across and one of the most thourough I have seen. I mean really..900 lenses! I have gone through them all and there really is something gor everyone.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The HIIT Game

Maker - Stack 52 - Official Site

Product Type - Fitness/Game

Price - $29.97

Where to Buy - Amazon

GET RESULTS FAST: Scientific studies show that HIIT burns fat and improves fitness more effectively than traditional workouts. The HIIT Interval Workouts Game was by designed by scientist and military fitness expert Sergeant Volkin who received a medal for the exercise programs he designed for the Army.

FITS YOUR LIFESTYLE: Use the game to quickly create a unique HIIT workout you can do anywhere at any time. Workouts typically last 4 - 20 minutes. The difficulty is progressive. You can start at any level and advance to elite strength and fitness.

EASY TO GET STARTED: No equipment, no planning, no memberships. Scan the exercise cards with a smartphone for online videos of Sergeant Volkin demonstrating each exercise. Visit our website for detailed video and written instructions.

IT'S A FUN GAME: You can play by yourself or compete with your friends, spouse, or children! Use the strategy cards to earn extra points, give your opponent extra exercises, or block your opponent's strategy cards! No boredom; you will never play the same game or get the same workout twice.


I do not know what I was expecting with the Hiit Game cards. Working out? Definatly. Sweating? Most certainly. Having fun? Likely not. It IS fun though.

The cards are well written and easily read. The excersizes are clear in what you have to.do and the points system is fun. I played by myself but I made it work. I gave myself a point goal and randomly picked excersizes and event cards (the shields and such) and challenged myself to get to those points. It was a nice break from the monotony of my regular workouts. 

Granted, some of the excersizes i was physically incapable of doing (asthma and flexability) but i tried at least, that pop up is a killer! The game is well constricted and there are a good variety of excersizes bit i was kind of dissapointed that there were not many that worked your arms besides a few variations of push ups. 

If you have a group of fitness friends I can see this being a fun evening game in lieu of a run or something like that. Just remember water, you will sweat!

Note - I have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Moscato Wine

Maker -Mommy's Time Out

Product - Food/Wine

Price - $9.99

Where to Buy - Official Site

Mommy's Time Out features 4 wines using top quality italian grapes for a smooth, fruity, delicious taste. The Wines available are: Pinot Grigio, Red, Moscato, and Pink. There is even a Chianti for men called Daddy's Day Off. I have not found a price list on the site however.


I have only had the Moscato (9.0 alchohal content) and it was very delicious. It is a pretty ivory white and smells gentle instead of harsh or acrid.

The top is not a cork, its a twist off and you can twist it back on. I like this because sometimes you dont have a cork popper around or want an entire bottle.

This is a decent size bottle for one or two people and it goes well with lighter meals as well as a chocolatey dessert. It is not super sweet nor is it bitter. It does not bubble up like most Moscato i have had and i was a little dissapointed at that.

Regardless this is a delicious wine that has a cute theme and offers a chance to relax and unwind slowly.

Note - I have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.