Friday, June 19, 2015

Kung Fu Kitty: Laying Down the Law

Author - Lauri Bortz

Genre - Anthropomorphic Fiction

Pages - 80

The long awaited sequal to Kung Fu Kitty, in which the story of Exodus is retold, set in ancient China with animal characters. Kung Fu Kitty: Laying Down the Law sees a nation of formerly enslaved cats attain a homeland and learn to live in it peaceably, under the guidance of thier wise leader, a King Fu master who travels far and wide - as far as the milky way - to serve her kind.


Where to start.. Well, i can say that i have not read the first book and maybe thats wh y this one threw me for uch a huge loop. The writing style is quite mature and advanced for a book about cats (thier home is called Kitty City for goodness sake) The cats themselves are quite intelligent anf civilized, creating a whole civilization full of milk and cheese and kung fu. How they do this with just paws amazes me buy its is never explained.. Oh well, moving on.

Our hero, or should i say heroine is Wu Zhua a kitty who knows king fu and has established Kitty City and will do anything to protect it. For a book called Kung Fu kitty..there is little king fu at all, really no action in this, its rather bland. The story is dicey and moves far too fast and feels diajointed. This could have benefitted from being a longer story and being able to flesh out characters and environments. We get a lot of information but nothing to do with it, i was confused most of the book.

 Wu Zhua is a likeable character not withput flaws as are the others. I cant say that i disliked anyone in particular whoch is a good thing. I just wish i got to know them more.

One really pleasant part of this book is that there are hand drawn images almost every other page that depcts scenes you have read.  They are cute and add charm to the story and i enjoyed looking at them while reading. While this was a very strange story it wasnt without its merits, just be sure to read the first one.

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.


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