Wednesday, March 26, 2014

 Conception 2 : Children of the Seven Stars

Brought to you by Atlus Conception 2 releases April 15 2014. However the Demo is out on 3DS and PsP VITA right now! Here are my impressions.

The Demo starts off like any other, you get a bit of text explaining what the world is and what star children are. You can then go to the academy and talk to 3 individual girls (part of your party) and try to get them to be happy. You can however, only talk to two each play-through which does give you an incentive to play the demo again. After this you will be asked to "Classmate" with one of the girls (create a star child) this is a nice introduction into what will be a major part of the game in its full release. 

Then the meat of the demo, the labyrinth! Battles, item gathering, explanations. You get a very good look at the battle system here. I had quite a bit of fun with it, and with 3 girls to choose to bring into the labyrinth you will have to play the demo 3 times to make sure you see what each girl brings to the front lines. Seeing the enemies on screen is nice and i love that you also see your own characters and children on screen, it helps the 'dungeon crawler' aspect have some life! There is a bit of info to memorize but once you get the hang of it, it is quite easy and interesting. 

There are tons of items to collect in the games full release (I assume, I mean look at all those children who need new armor and weapons and rings!) the dialogue was fun with the girls and the graphics are very pretty. Its bright, colorful and a bit scary. I for one and thrilled to have pre-ordered this game. If you think you would like it, go get the demo!