Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dispenserless Tape  (Never worry about cutting or losing your place again)

Maker - As Seen on TV

Product Type - Home Improvement

Where to Buy - Amazon

Price - $10.82

Are you tired of messing with rolls of tape? Does your clunky tape dispenser get lost around the home or office? Never worry about it again thanks to Dispenserless Tape! The patented easy tear design gives you clear markers at break points every foot on the roll. A small tug is all that's necessary to break off a piece, and the remaining half dot will make it easy to find your place again next time.

This confused me to no end when I first got it. I knew it was supposed to be dispenserless and easy to keep your place but I was so very lost as to what all the black was on my tape. Then I actually read the amazon page and found out that those dots are how the tape works in keeping your tape in place and not stick to itself to where you can't get it back without trouble. 

So this is how it works: Every 12 inches of tape there is one of these little dots that the tape cuts off at. The dot is not sticky on the top half  and so when you are done you stop at the dot and the top half of it stays unsticky and its easy to peel up and continue the roll. Genius!

I have used this to hang up pictures and close boxes, it is strong! It feels thicker than scotch tape but not as thick as electrical tape, it feels a bit thicker than packing tape as well so it is great for that and for little jobs around the house. It sticks to itself well but is not overly sticky, so you can unstick it from itself if you mess up. There is quite a bit of tape in this too so you'll have it for a while if you do not use tape often (like me) It really is quite great and smart to have it break off and have it made the way it is. No more cutting myself with scissors or scotch tape razor teeth!

Note - I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Woman's Confidence Panties 

Maker - Hush Hush (Official Site

Product Type - Hygiene/Woman's Health

Hush Hush Panties: Choose Women's Confidence Panties by Hush Hush and Wearever for everyday protection and reusability. Our selection of confidence panties features an innovative design that has a subtle absorbent layer built in, perfect for those with light incontinence issues, occasional leaks, moisture from working out or worry of menstrual leak through. They are a perfect solution for giggling with girlfriends over coffee or wine, surviving a sneeze or a surprise, socializing over shopping bags or diaper bags, visiting the gym or the office, and everything in between. See for yourself the secret to staying dry, confident and comfortable!

For the sake of propriety I have included NO images of the panties but you can see them if you click the link next to the Makers name (official site)

When you think of confidence panties you think occasional leakage right? Well, I personally do not have this problem unless i REALLY have to go and i happen to sneeze. I actually used these as sweat absorbers. I work out and when you work out you sweat, everywhere. These are great for absorbing sweat around your pantie line and all the surrounding areas.  These pantie are silky soft and feel like air against your skin. I got the seamless kind and they don't show through my clothing.  They do NOT feel like diapers, the panel to absorb is not thin but its not so thick that you are adjusting every few minutes, its a great balance of support and comfort. It is recommended to you to buy a size larger than you are and I do think this is sound advice and I am glad I took it. These fit great a size bigger and I completely forget i am wearing them most of the time I use them. 

Want more info? Check out the official site above or connect with Hush Hush at on one of their Social Media sites: 

Want a FREE pair of panties? All you have to do is join the 'Panty Program' Its easy! Here is how: 

Take THIS short survey to join. Afterwards you will receive a coupon code that you can use immediately on their site to buy a pair OR you will receive an email that has your code so there is no rush to use it after the survey. 

There are some rules and restrictions however!

You MUST be 18 and over in the US
Hush Hush will contact you for your size and measurements
Only 2,000 will be available!
However, if you are not one of the 2,000 you will still get a coupon code for a pair of panties for only $5.. Still a great deal!

Remember to go HERE for your free pair (they really are terrific!)

Note - I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Maker - Excelerol

Product Type - Suppliment - Health - Pill

Where to buy - Amazon

Price - $74.99

America's #1 Brain Supplement Scientifically Formulated; Supports Memory, Focus, & Alertness. This product is pioneering advancements in brain health. Clinical studies show that the ingredients in this product are key to improving your memory, concentration, and alertness. Powered by superior ingredients such as citicoline and phosphatidylserine, This is a non-prescription brain-health formula that can help support your most valuable asset – your brain. Our advanced 100% vegetarian liquid capsules allow for rapid absorption. Whether you're studying for a huge test, working on your next genius idea, or just rolling up your sleeves and getting ready to get serious about a big project, This product can help support the memory enhancement, focus, and concentration you need now to reach your optimal brain power. #1 Doctor Recommended Brain Health Supplement. The success stories are great and so are the results.

Phew! These little pills pack a punch of focus! 

Excelerol is a great name for this, about 30 minutes after taking it I could feel my mind working better, I was more focused and relaxed. I could do what I needed to get done without bouncing around from task to task like I tend to do a lot. 

I felt more alert and like I could concentrate better. I took one in the morning and one at night so I had constant focus and cognoscente thoughts. These pills have a TON of Vitamin B in them and Niacin, that is it. There are no sneaky ingredients or unreadable ingredients. These are dairy free, gluten free and made from veggie materials, they are animal product free as well.  These are easy to swallow and they have a minty flavor that is far better than the bitter herbal flavor most pills have. There are 72 pills in a and will last you a while if you use 1-2 once a day instead of the recommend 1-2 4x a day. Either way they work terrifically. 

Note - I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Slow Cooker Recipes for Beginners 

Author - AntaresPress

Type - Cookbook/Weight Loss

Format - Ebook

Where to Buy - Ebook / Papberback

Slow Cooker Recipes for Beginners are great for people who like creative and modern food, similar to what would be served in a good restaurant. The slow cooker is an amazingly versatile appliance that allows for easy creativity in our kitchen. 

In addition to classics such as spicy beef stew and chicken piccata you’ll learn how to use the freshest spices and ingredients to make dishes you never thought possible. The Slow Cooker Recipes for Beginners was designed for busy people who don’t want to sacrifice great-tasting, nutritious meals. The Slow Cooker Recipes for Beginners book is an easy step-by-step guide to enjoying delicious, healthy meals without all the hassle. - T

he slow cooker is perfect for international dishes such as Mexican Meatballs and Greek Mushrooms. - Want to reduce the amount of meat you eat? The Slow Cooker Recipes for Beginners book contains a wealth of vegetarian recipes such as Ratatouille or Veggie Chili created especially for you. - Let the slow cooker take care of dessert. Chocolate Mousse and Cheesecake are just two of the amazing desserts included.

Who doesn't love slow cooker recipes? The set it and forget it method is terrific for busy moms or people who can't stand over a stove for long periods of time watching their food cook just right.

Slow cooker for Beginners offers a decent collection of appetizers, main meals and even desserts! (chocolate mousse anyone?) The book says for weight loss as well and looking at the recipes I can get that. These are simple, bold flavors that are easy to tailor to any specifications. The back of the book even has a measurement table so you know exactly what conversions you need as well if you want to do just half a recipe or double it.

I wanted to try something simple, Garlic chicken. The recipe calls for the minimum of ingredients: Chicken salt, pepper and TONS of garlic (20 cloves!) This recipe proves simple is best and my chicken was juicy, garlicky and did not feel like health food. Paired with a nice side appetizer you have a great simple meal that you did not have to slave over in the hot kitchen all day. 

Want to win a copy for yourself? Look below to enter! 

Note - I received this product in exchange for an honest review. 


  1. There will be 5 E-BOOK winners (.mobi or .epub)
  2. Giveaway runs from Feb 25 until March 4 (one week) 
  3. You will be contacted on March 26th if you are the winner with your prize

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Raspberry Ketones Ultra

Maker - Nutrient Wise LTD (UK site)  - Official Site

Product Type - Health/Weight Loss/Pill

Where to buy (US) - Amazon

Price - $22.95

Raspberry Ketone is a natural phenolic compound that is responsible for the heavenly aroma of red raspberries and is the fastest growing dietary product in the world. We have been attracted to raspberries for many years because of their vibrant colour and sweet and tangy taste. Nutritionists are learning that these exciting fruits also contain ketones and believe that they are as healthy and beneficial to the body as they are delicious. Dr Oz who is a cardiac surgeon, author and Daytime Emmy-winning host of The USA Dr Oz Show identified Raspberry Ketone to be "The number one miracle in a bottle" during one of his famous shows. Manufactured in the USA. Suggested use: As a dietary supplement take 1 capsule twice a day. For best results take 20-30 minutes before a meal or as directed by your physician.

As a weight loss suppliment I can't say one way or another on this, yes it did stop my appetite from getting too extreme like it usually does. I tend to flucuate between eating too much and eating too little and these helped balance that out, however, I did not loose any weight on them. 

The raspberry smell of these was quite pleasant though even though they tasted like nothing it was nice to get that tangy, berry smell from them instead of super herbal or fake smelling. I also enjoy that this is made with green tea (so no caffine) and african mango. These are also simple to take and not big or rough to swallow.

Note - I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Have a wedding or special event that needs that extra touch? That pop of elegance or color? Don't want to stress over matching accessories with your flowers? Then Bloominous is for you! 

Unlike traditional florists, Bloominous sends you farm fresh cut-to-order flowers that are also de-thorned and trimmed, saving brides/party hosts time and money. They also sell their flowers and accessories cheaper than traditional florists. 

All arrangements come with flowers, vases, wire, ribbons and such for easy 10-20 minute a piece put together. The arrangements are very pretty and in my opinion, well put together and worth the price of no hassle! (check out the Enchanted Elegance collection, its breathtaking!) they also do custom orders 

Bloominious is professional and prompt. What you see is what you get, you will NOT have any surprises when you get your kit.  They also come with step-by-step instructions so you will have no guess work to contend with. 

Want to learn more? They have many social media sites plus their official site with tons of information and they are ready to answer your questions as well. 

Bloominious Links

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Somnis Natural Sleep Aid

Maker - Somnis

Product Type - Sleep Aid/Pill

Where to buy - Amazon

Price - $17.95

The Ultimate All-Natural Sleep Aid For Better Sleep Do you suffer from insomnia? Is it seemingly impossible for you to get a good night's sleep? If so, then you need to try all-natural Somnis - the ultimate sleep aid! Somnis contains proven ingredients like melatonin and GABA to help you fall asleep faster AND stay asleep. It is also all natural, drug-free, and non-habit forming, which means you can take it whenever you need to without feeling any side effects. Want to sleep longer? Want to wake up feeling refreshed and energized? Somnis has the essential ingredients you need to truly develop a healthy sleep cycle to feel fully rested and energized in the morning. Eliminate your sleeping problems for good with Somnis - the safe, all natural, and proven sleep aid!

I have bouts of insomnia, my mind just will not shut up! So i was given the opportunity to review these in exchange for an honest review, i really needed them.

These are very easy to swallow, they are not large pills which is great for me because I have troubles swallowing larger pills. I took these about 30 minutes before laying in bed and waited... and waited. 

About an hour later i could feel my mind slowly shutting down a bit and I was relaxing and calmer than i was. While it still took me a while to fall asleep (Rome was not built in a day right?) these DID help me after taking them for a week or so i could feel myself falling asleep quicker, while not necessarily staying asleep it was nice not to toss and turn for hours and then giving up and staying up for days. Give these a try at least if you want something natural and melatonin has been less than helpful. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Odorless Bully Sticks

Maker - Best for my Pets

Product Type - Dog treat

Where to buy - Amazon

Price - $28.90 + shipping 

 It seems incredible how a treat can be so healthy! 

 Here are 5 Reasons You're Going to LOVE our Bully Sticks:

 1. Your dog will LOVE it! 
 2. It is HEALTHY! 100% natural, no chemicals, high in protein and low in fat. 
 3. It will last longer than other dog treats and it will help maintain your dog's oral health. 
 4. It is a stress relief to your dog because it is a chewing yummy treat. 
 5. Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee - no questions asked! (Order yours now! 

You`ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!) Now you can see your dog's happy face not just because of a delicious treat, but because of a HEALTHY delicious treat that will last a long time. And if you don't see that happy face, you are guaranteed your money back! We know how hard it is to say no to our poochies! Best for My Pets Odor Free Bully Sticks will make you feel good about giving a healthy treat to your dog. You will notice that Best for My Pets Bully Sticks will calm and comfort your dogs. Dogs will love chewing on their bully sticks and will forget all about chewing on your furniture!

I don't think Panda has this much enthusiam for anything else really... She LOVES these! She cant wait to have them when I pull out the bag. 

Excited for her treat!

They are perfect for tiny dogs and i imagine large dogs. Best part? THEY DO NOT SMELL! Just as advertised, these do not have that nasty "organic" smell (i am trying to be discreet..we all know what these are i hope) there is a slight smell but only if you activly put your nose to it and whiff. I boil these in a little water and coolt hem before i give them to my dog, just for sanitary purporses and peace of mind for myself since some bully sticks can harbor bacteria. 

Nom Nom Nom

These will last my little girl a long while as it takes her a while to chew through one. Great product and the seller is a sweetie as well!

note - i received this product in exchange for an honest review.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Lemon Essential Oil

Maker - Majestic Pure Cosmeseuticals 

Type - Fragrance, Aromatherapy, Home

Where to buy -  Amazon

Price  - $14.50 + Shipping without PRIME

Lemon Oil 100% Pure and Natural Lemon Essential Oil Aromatherapy, Health & Many Household Uses and Benefits Detox Your Body and Boost Fat Burning Naturally Great Fragrance, Energizing, Refreshing and Uplifting

 -POWERFUL AND PURIFYING FRAGRANCE: Has a natural energizing, revitalizing and uplifting scent that helps to clear the mind -HOUSEHOLD USES: Great disinfectant and antiseptic cleanser with refreshing and cooling properties. Clears Unpleasant odor, Used as air freshener and for cleaning applications including removing gum, oil, grease spots and sanitizing surfaces

-HEALTH AND SKIN CARE RECIPES: It's great for Aromatherapy, and used in many skin care recipes. It's also used in recipes to fight seasonal allergies. Good immune system booster and also helps in digestion

I love this stuff! Upon first sniff i was taken by it. It smells just like lemon rinds and is so bright and uplifting.

Initially I put some on a cotton ball and put it on my face to brighten my skin. BAD IDEA! it BURNED. You definatly want to use a carrior oil with this if you are going to put it on your face and make sure you put a really good moisturizer over it. My skin was a bit tighter and brighter afterwards but the tears were painful haha.

Despite the pain i gave this another go, in a different way. I put this in my favorite cleaner (it has no smell really) and swished it around. Using it the lemon oil did not dilute the cleaning power and it gave the cleanser a wonderful lemon smell that made my surfaces smell like heaven. I cleaned my chairs and tables with this as well and it did not warp my wood. 

You can also use this food, I myself have not yet but there is a possiblity in the future to add it to my coconut oil and make a delicous coconut-lemon fish.

note - i received this product in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

3 in 1 LED flashlight with magnetized base

Maker - AYL - Accessorize your life

Product - Home/Yard

Where to buy - Amazon

Price - $19.99 + shipping without PRIME

AYL LED CREE XP-E Car Flashlight; When Safety, Versatility and Security Matter! Does the idea of carrying a bulky flashlight turn you off? Or are you concerned about the cost of replacing flashlight batteries on a regular basis?

 The truth is that, working with flashlights that produce unsatisfactory light can be frustrating to many people. Others find the usual flashlights quiet rigid hence can't be used in varied situations. That is not the situation with the revolutionary CREE XP-E LED Car Flashlight!

The CREE XP-E LED Flashlight stands out as a 3-in-1 convenient lighting source; with a design that allows versatility for use in different scenarios.

Why choose the AYL LED Car Flashlight?

 - It features a rugged and high quality military-grade design for durability and versatility. It can be used in a variety of applications which include cars, bikes, home, etc.
 - The flashlight comes with an anodized aluminium body which is resistant to various elements of weather
 - It is powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included) - It is quite versatile and comes with a total of 29 LEDS (18 white LEDs and 11 red LED) - It comes in a user-friendly design. It features a magnetic base that can be stuck on any metallic surface
 - It comes with 3 light options; Cree, White, and flashing Red LED for improved visibility
 - The bulbs can last for more than 100,000 hours
 - Easy operation: 1st click turns the CREE LED, 2nd click lights-up the 18 white LED, while 3rd click turns on RED LED

I need light, I can't see in the dark well at all and when i need to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or let my dog out I need some sort of visual help

The flashlight takes two double A batteries (not included) an has three settings accessed by a single button near the top of the flashlight. The first hit of the button is the top light, a single beam of very bright light. This is great for concentrate light to get around in the dark with. it shines pretty far and the light extends outward from the beam a bit so you have a fairly large circle to see in. 

The second press activates the side beam. A row of LED lights creating a line of light, which sadly is a bit dimmer than the single beam but this light is perfect for looking under chairs, couches, beds and counters. It lets you see a line of light in small spaces. 

The last click uses both the line light and the single beam and the light turns to red. I do not know what good a red light is for at night looking for things but I believe if you are in danger or lost the red light (which blinks) is a great signal to others that you need help. 

This flashlight is very versitle and being 3 in 1 you can definatly use this singlely instead of three separet flashlights, it is small enough to it into a drawer as well or a glove box in your car for emergencies.

note - i received this product in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hair Skin and Nails

Maker - Evergreen Nature

Product type - Health/Beauty - Pills

Where to buy -

Price -  $19.77 + shipping without PRIME

How to give your hair skin and nails some extra TLC

 Do you want to give your hair skin and nails some extra TLC? But don't want to take multiple different vitamins or products, spending a fortune but not getting results? Then you've come to the right place. Our Hair Skin Nails Vitamins are a potent combination of the best vitamins for Hair Skin and Nails around, which will give you that extra TLC you are looking for. 

 Packed with over 28 targeted vitamins and minerals. You can say goodbye to lacklustre hair, dull skin and brittle nails and say hello to thick luscious hair you desire, skin that glows with radiance and nails that are healthy and strong. 

 What Makes Our Hair, Skin & Nails Product So Unique? It's quite simple: Our proprietary blend of over 28 ingredients. A combination of vitamins and minerals including antioxidant vitamins A, C & E that fight free radicals. That are all specially blended and formulated to look after you Hair Skin and Nails in a way that nothing else does - from the inside out.

We all know true beauty comes from inside. Order now and when you do consider purchasing a couple of extras as a present for the other beautiful women in your life, maybe your mom, sister or best friend, they will love you for it.

I can not tell you how many hair, skin, nails pills i have tried in the past and present. I try desperatly to get my hair to grow thicker or at least look it. Sadly, these did not do that. My hair is still the same thin,fine, sad hair.

However, my nails have seem to grow a bit better and my skin is better as well. My nails grow faster than before (albeit not thicker or less brittle) and my skin seems to be softer and absorb moisturizer better than before. 

 Though it did not work for my hair i do enjoy my better nails and skin. 

 note - i received this product in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Infinite Joy Tea

Maker - Reduxa, INC

Type - Food/Drink, Health, weight loss/management

Where to buy -

Price -  $24.75 + shipping without PRIME

Infinite Joy is a herbal tea for losing weight it includes 21 herbal ingredients that help in supporting natural weight loss. The herbs in this everyday diet tea and detox supplement helps to naturally raise your basal metabolic rate which allows you to burn the excess fat in your body and eventually help you to shed those extra pounds. The ingredients in this herbal tea makes it a great tasting tea for appetite suppression best of all the most important benefit of Infinite Joy is that it's herbal ingredients help to naturally detoxify your body. The herbal combination helps by stimulating the detox action of liver and eliminates unwanted toxins from your body.

   Infinite joy also includes powerful ginseng which is well-known for its weight loss property. This simple weight loss tea is also rich in compounds called phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are a group of beneficial, non-nutritive biological compounds that occur naturally in roots, leaves, buds and stems of plants. Research on weight loss indicates if your body is staggering with accumulated toxins, it becomes extremely difficult to lose weight via exercise and dietary changes. This is why an ideal diet tea and detox supplement like Infinite Joy is the best support you can offer yourself while on a weight loss goal. If you are working towards shedding the unwanted weight, it is a perfect addition to your weight loss regimen. Keep in mind to follow healthy eating habits, stay physically active as well as monitor and decrease stress level. 

 The product is 100% natural and unlike other weight loss products has no caffeine. With this simple, everyday tea weight loss is not a distant dream, the combination of ingredients in this herbal tea makes it an ideal weight loss supplement. Try Infinite Joy it is a perfect diet tea and detox supplement that also improves your overall health and well-being besides acting as a weight loss tea.

Infinite joy ta says that is 'supports healty, natural weight loss' and has ginseng in it, which is good for you. Well, I do not know how well this has been for weight loss but I DO feel lighter after drinking this tea 1-2 times a day. If anything I FEEL slimmer and I am not so bloated as I usually am. 

Yummy cup of tea!

 Looking at the ingredients the first item listed is hibiscus flower, which is fabulous and tasty (I love hibiscus tea) then it is sabdarifa, rose canina, and a bunch of other words I do not know but I am sure they are good. There are no sugars that I see and oddly when i smell and drink it I smell something similar to fennel but there is no fennel in this (which is a great appetite uppressant) There are 30 tea bags in a bag of this which should last a few weeks. It is caffine free, calorie free and free of fats/salt and other weight detrimental foods.

note - i received this product in exchange for an honest review.

Succubus Shadows

Author - Richelle Meade

Series - Georgina Kincaid #5

Genre - Urban Paranormal/Romance

Pages - 281

Published - March 30 2010

Publisher - Kensington

ISBN - 0758232004

Description from Goodreads 

Georgina Kincaid has formidable powers. Immortality, seduction, shape-shifting into
any human form she desires, walking in heels that would cripple mere mortals -- all child's play to a succubus like her.

 Helping to plan her ex-boyfriend's wedding is a different story. Georgina isn't sure which is worse -- that Seth is marrying another woman, or that Georgina has to run all over Seattle trying on bridesmaid dresses. Still, there are distractions. Georgina's roommate, Roman, is cluttering her apartment with sexual tension. Then there's Simone, the new succubus in town, who's intent on corrupting Seth.

 But the real danger lies in the mysterious force that's visiting her thoughts, trying to draw her into a dark, otherworldly realm. Sooner or later, Georgina knows she'll be too weak to resist. And when that happens, she'll discover who she can trust, who she can't -- and that Hell is far from the worst place to spend eternity...

You would think after 4 books of drama and wanting to strangle georgina I would spare myself the misery.. nope! The urge to strange the succubus is still there and no matter how much I try to ignore the series I find that I want to finish it.

 Georgina is still her usuall annoying self, everyone loves her and her Seth drama is still going. I find her to be a very, very selfish person.. i mean, thats why shes a succubus in the first place, because she was selfish and slept with her husbands best friend when she was Letha. I was actually happy for Maddie and Seth, it was nice to see the 'big girl' get the good looking guy instead of the beautiful, perfect main girl. Alas, good things come to an end right? Georgina just has to get what she wants.. 

 That's no to say the book was terrible, it was just . so-so. It was like wading through thin mud, you can do it but slowly. I will the series to the end but the way this one ended i am sure i am going to scoff, roll my eyes and sigh heavily throughout it.