Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dispenserless Tape Review

Dispenserless Tape  (Never worry about cutting or losing your place again)

Maker - As Seen on TV

Product Type - Home Improvement

Where to Buy - Amazon

Price - $10.82

Are you tired of messing with rolls of tape? Does your clunky tape dispenser get lost around the home or office? Never worry about it again thanks to Dispenserless Tape! The patented easy tear design gives you clear markers at break points every foot on the roll. A small tug is all that's necessary to break off a piece, and the remaining half dot will make it easy to find your place again next time.

This confused me to no end when I first got it. I knew it was supposed to be dispenserless and easy to keep your place but I was so very lost as to what all the black was on my tape. Then I actually read the amazon page and found out that those dots are how the tape works in keeping your tape in place and not stick to itself to where you can't get it back without trouble. 

So this is how it works: Every 12 inches of tape there is one of these little dots that the tape cuts off at. The dot is not sticky on the top half  and so when you are done you stop at the dot and the top half of it stays unsticky and its easy to peel up and continue the roll. Genius!

I have used this to hang up pictures and close boxes, it is strong! It feels thicker than scotch tape but not as thick as electrical tape, it feels a bit thicker than packing tape as well so it is great for that and for little jobs around the house. It sticks to itself well but is not overly sticky, so you can unstick it from itself if you mess up. There is quite a bit of tape in this too so you'll have it for a while if you do not use tape often (like me) It really is quite great and smart to have it break off and have it made the way it is. No more cutting myself with scissors or scotch tape razor teeth!

Note - I received this product in exchange for an honest review.


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