Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dog and Cat soothing sounds

Maker - Spoiled Pets (Youtube site)

Type - Pet/Cd/Health

Soothing Dog and Cat Sounds was created as an alternative to naturally calming and relaxing your pet. Cd is ideal for use on dogs or cats suffering from anxiety, stress, fear of fireworks, fear of storms, and separation anxiety.

I recieved this for review for my dog Panda, she has terrible anxiety and getting a new puppy has not helped her since he puppy is very rambunctious and hyperactive and tends to go after my 6 year old maltipoo trying to get her to play. Panda does not play with other dogs.

 This cd is about an hour long with 11 soothing, short songs for your pup. I played this for her when i was in the bedroom and watched her. she actually fell asleep! I also felt more relaxed, the songs are perfectly picked to be soft and happy and mood lifting while relaxing. My favorite song was actually the first one "Awakening" it is upbeat but not enough to get the blood pumping, its relaxing and moving.

 I could see this working for your dog if they have a bit of stress going on (like if people come to visit, your dog could be in a room by themselves with this playing during the visit) and I feel that it may help with keeping them calm I actually put these songs on my mp3 player in case I take panda somewhere with me or just when I am listening to music since i found myself nodding off listening with her!


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