Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dog & Cat Grooming Brush

Maker - CLD brands

Type - Pet - Grooming

Where to buy - Amazon

Price - $9.99 + shipping without PRIME

There is no Quicker, Easier, Cleaner Way to Remove the Loose, Dead Undercoat, while Gaining A Shiny Top Coat, In A Matter Of Minutes.

 If you are tired of your pet leaving hair all over the house & in the car? AND, wait ... on your clothes, this is a great product for untangling and brushing your dog or cat's hair.

 This is not a myth - Dogs and Cats shed. Not just a little but a ton!

 So, if you are looking for a way to reduce shedding without damaging the coat and at the same time promoting your pet's healthy skin and a shiny coat then CLD Brands Deluxe Brush is all you need.

 WHO NEEDS IT? Your pet does! Use it on short and long hair dogs and cats; both small and large breeds.

 Features: • High quality, deluxe dog brush • Made of durable wood and metal • Brush is 7" x 4" at its widest • Handle is contoured in the middle for a better grip • Metal bristles are 7/8"

My dog is a maltese poodle mix and her hair gets a little scruffy and long. I got this brush and showed it to her, she ran. The brush is sturdy and well made. I do think it wll last a long time. The bristles are metal and stiff but they are also gentle and soft. They do get out some of my dogs more small matts and some of the big ones it loosens them enough that I an cut them out. 

 She did not like it at first, she does not like grooming but after a few times she got used to it, it does not hurt or pull her hair like other bristles (i think because they are thicker than normal ones you get in the store) My pups hair is shiny and smooth after a groom session and while she still does need to go get her hair clipped this is perfet for the in-between times to keep her fur under control and easier to manage.

Note - I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Radiance Vitamin C Serum

Maker - New Radiance Naturals

Type - Beauty

Where to buy -  Amazon

Price - $19.95 + shipping without PRIME

New Radiance Naturals Professional Vitamin C 20% Serum combines the highest form of active, bio available Vitamin C + E with the highest form of pure Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Ferulic Acid , Amino Complex and Organic Aloe to create a potent, concentrated anti-aging solution that goes on smooth and penetrates deep into your skin cells to bring back radiance and firmness to your face, and fade wrinkles, lines, discoloration and age spots. Many of our customers indicate they have used other products but see results for the first time ever with our serum. 

 Ingredients Organic Herbal Infusion, Organic Aloe, Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate), MSM, Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Witch Hazel, Vitamin E, Carbomer, (2s)-2-Amino-5-guanidinopentanoic Acid, Ferulic Acid, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Jojoba Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Ethyl Hexyl Glycerin. 

 98% Natural and 72% Organic. 

 Made in the USA In Our Advanced FDA Certified Facility.

98% Natural and 72% organic.. a little off in the 'good for you' department but not so chock full of chemicals that I was turned off by it immediately. (I tend to be an organic snob) That is to say I was not turned off by it at all. 

 The formula is thin but not watery and is easy to spread onto your face, it absorbs quickly and has no offensive odor. You will want a moisturizer on after this as it can dry your skin out if you have normal to dry skin but for oily skin i could see this working to suck up the excess oils. My skin felt firmer after using this for a bit and it was smoother. 

The anti-aging properties in this (wrinkles, tone, etc..) are not for me since I am only 28, but I can see this working for someone of a more advanced age than I. I used this once a day before bed and washed it all off in the morning, you could use this after your morning shower to but remember to not skip on that moisturizer! This is a very nice product to brighten, smooth, an hydrate your skin.

Note - I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pink Anemone Wind Flower Hair Dryer

Maker - Xtava - Facebook - Amazon

Product Type - Beauty/Hair

Where to buy - Amazon

Price - $34.99 + shipping without PRIME

The Anemone Professional hair dryer features compact design, a power packed 1875W DC motor and a beautiful designed flower pattern air intake filter. The Anemone Flower takes its name from the Greek word for Wind Flower. Greek mythology states that the anemone sprang from Aphrodite's tears and that it symbolizes unfading love. Feminine and elegant, this hair dryer features a compact and ergonomic design for effortless styling.

This is a very, very cute dryer. I love the pink flower on the back of it and it is sleek and modern. Bigger than my old one I was worried it would be too heavy but it was not and it was easy to hold while i dryed my hair. 

What was not easy was figurein it out, how to turn it on. Maybe I am a bit challenged in this department but it took me a full five minutes to figure out that i had to have both push buttons pressed to get it to turn on. The air from this does get hot but not scorchingly so. It also comes out as a small circle (different form my old one) so that it can be used on certain parts of hair wihout it blowing all about. I have not used the included heads for the dryer, honestly I never do but maybe i will give them a try some day. 

My hair is fine and thin so this did not take long to get all my hair dry, for thicker hair I would say at least ten minutes, but you guys with thicker hair already knew hat right? I am very happy with this Xtava hair dryer and I hope it lasts for years to come.

Note - I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hair Growth Vitamins + DHT Blocker
Maker - Zenwise Labs Facebook
Product Type - Health/Beauty - Pill
Where to buy - Amazon
Sold by - Zenwise Labs
Price - $24.95 + shipping without PRIME

Zenwise Labs Hair Growth Vitamins formula contains our distinct blend of 27 ingredients, including 5000 mcg of Biotin, that promote hair growth and overall hair health. 
This formula also provides essential vitamins and antioxidants to address deficiencies that have been shown to cause hair loss. 

Our all Natural formula can be used to: 
Promote Thicker Fuller Hair 
Stimulate Hair Growth 
Address Vitamin Deficiencies Associated with Hair Loss

I have really fine, thin hair and my scalp shows through pretty easily if I do not wash it after a day. Nothing has worked for me so I decided to try these out. They are tiny little pills that you take 1-2 of a day and are easy to swallow, so that is a bonus. 

These have Biotin in them which is the main source of hair growth (along with nails and skin health) and I was sure these would work well, unfortunately they did not work at all. My hair is the same. My nails however grew quickly and a tad bit stronger than before. I think because it was only 5000mg of biotin (the recommend is 10000mg from doctors.) that it did not work for my hair even though it has lots of other good things in it like Kelp and grapeseed oil, it was just lacking for me. 

It was not a total loss though, I am happy for my nails and it is always nice to have added vitamins and antioxidants in your system. 

Note - I received this product in exchange for an honest review. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Author - Elizabeth Haydon
Series - Symphony of Ages #1
Genre - Epic Fantasy
Number of Pages - 656
Published - June 15th 2000
Publisher - Tor Fantasy 

Rhapsody is a woman, a Singer of some talent, who is swept up into events of world-shattering import. On the run from an old romantic interest who won't take no for an answer, Rhapsody literally bumps into a couple of shady characters: half-breeds who come to her rescue in the nick of time. Only the rescue turns into an abduction, and Rhapsody soon finds herself dragged along on an epic voyage, one that spans centuries and ranges across a wonder-filled fantasy world.

I read this about 10 years ago and liked it. I had decided to re-read it since i never went past the first book in this trilogy. My views had not changed much, it is a lovely story and I quite enjoyed it, however, now that I have re-read it with some understanding of world buioding, character development and such, I can now see the flaws that I did not so many years back. 

 The pace and world building are nice, it is a long book so there is a lot of information to process. So much in fact that I sometimes found myself skipping pages in my kindle to get through some of the droll information being fed to me, too many descriptions or long stories marred the pace of the book.

 The characters are also a mixed bunch. Some, like Achmed, are a great personality that I thoroughly enjoyed. Achmed and his partner Grunthor added humor and charm to the book, even Jo the street girl added charm and imagination to the rather wishy-washy plot. The one that I did not warm up to was Rhapsody, our main heroin. Her use of music to heal/harm and whatnot was imaginitive but her overall personality was so.. annoying! 

 Really... every guy who sees her on instant loves her, wants her and she is oblivious to it all. NO ONE is such an airhead. I got tired of her goody-goody twinkle toes routine. Sure she can be a bad ass with Daystar but that does not redeem her rather blase nature. 

 There is little action here, there is some but it is not major and there is no romance at all (for which i found refreshing) It is your straight A typical epic that goes from point A to point B with little in between. I will read the second book because I enjoyed the story and wish to see what happens to Achmed and crew but I also wish to see if Rhapsody grows up or gets a clue.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Supreme Garcinia Cambogia
Maker - Teva Nutriion 
Product Type - Health - Weight Loss - Pill
Where to buy - Amazon

CLINICALLY PROVEN GARCINIA CAMBOGIA: Non-Stimulating Garcinia Cambogia Extract standardized to 80% HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid). Includes POTASSIUM, promoting HCA bioavailability for optimum absorption. Made in the USA in an FDA approved manufacturing facility - ensuring top quality of consistently safe and effective products for our customers. 

 MORE THAN JUST FAT LOSS. Our Garcinia Cambogia Extract has been shown to increase Serotonin. This means it enhances your mood, controls your emotional eating urges and improves the quality of your sleep. Take control of emotional and compulsive eating by increasing your body's satiety, the feeling of fullness, with our easy-to-use Supreme Garcinia Cambogia! Wouldn't it be nice to be happier, have more energy, sleep better at night, get your figure back, and become healthier - all at once?

There are plenty of pills on the market for weight loss, its a HUGE market after all and many are starting to get into garcinia cambogia, why? because they are effective! 

I started using these a few weeks ago and after the first time i took two of the pills (i take two daily before my lunch or dinner) i felt them work. How? they took away my appetite, not to say I could not eat but it took away my over-indulgeing. I found myself eating less and getting fuller, quicker. 

The pills are easy to take and you get quite a few in the bottle, i like that it is plant based and good for you as well ad helps promote weight loss or control. I did not lose weight on these but then again, i am lazy so they were not used to their full potential.

Note - I received this item in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Adagio ceramic tourmaline ionic hair straightener
Maker - Xtava
Item Type - Beauty - Hair
Where to buy - Amazon
Price - $34.95 + shipping without PRIME

TEN GEAR - Ten gear temperature selection from 200 to 400 degree Farenheit to give you perfect control and match your styling needs. Advanced microprocessor control ensures the plates are heat quickly and evenly in under 45 seconds 

IONIC TECHNOLOGY - Featuring the latest in ionic technology to keep your hair healthy using slimline ceramic Tourmaline floating plates 

TRAVEL FRIENDLY - Universal Voltage that can adapt to your travel schedule and ensure you look just as perfect on the road as at home. Comes with a heat resistant bag for storage and carrying 

TIME OUT - Safety timeout function shuts the device down when left unattended for over 30 minutes 

ERGONOMIC - With a rounded and ergonomically designed barrel the Xtava hair straightener is built for performance and comfort alike.

I do not straighten my hair often but when I do it want it fast and I want it to look great. Xtava has created a straightener that does both things in a cute, stylish product, i have the black but there is a zebra print and a floral print, all three are very lovely! 

This comes with a black bag to keep organized and i love that, it makes it seem more neat and proper. The straightener itself is small and slim, it does not take up muh room at all and is a breeze to just plug in and set up. There is a flat button on the inside that turns it on, it is not located near plates so you should not burn yourself turning it off. Then once its on you pick your heat temp... then just wait for it to heat up! it will beep at you when it is done and it does not take long at all, i think it took 30 seconds for me and i had it close to max heat. 

Before using the straightener

My hair is baby fine and thin, but also has some frizz/wave to it out of the shower and after blowdrying (I do not use a brush when blowdrying so it gets frizzed up) as you can see above. I took the straightener and started with small to medium sized sections (though for thiker hair i would go smaller sections) and straightened them to bone straight in seconds. The whole process only took about 5 minutes and it was done and my hair was not wavy at all! 

After using the straightener

It was so quick and worked so well I almost did not believe it. Of course if you use hairspray you are going to want to clean the plates when they cool down. Once done it pops right back into the bag and goes away for easy storage. I couldn't be happier with this straightener and for $30 it works just as well on me as my mothers $120 one. 

 Note - I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Yacon Syrup
Maker - Living Natural
Item type - Food
Where to get it -
Price - $19.77 + shipping without PRIME

Living Natural Yacon Syrup is a great tasting alternative to sugar and a natural boost to weight loss. 

Living Natural Yacon Syrup is an all-natural food that helps in slimming down, boosting metabolism and energy levels, and providing overall gut protection. It is a great tasting alternative sweetener that not only suppresses in-between meal sugar cravings, but also contains only a third of the calories of ordinary table sugar. Taken alone, with drinks, or used in preparing foods like cookies or muffins, it gives a rich sweet flavor similar to molasses. By simply substituting sugar or sweetener with the equivalent amount of yacon syrup gives a delectable twist to refreshing drinks like juice, tea or coffee, homemade and gourmet cuisine, and even grandma's time-tested recipes. Whilst improving the flavor of food and drinks, this natural wonder helps make them healthier too!

The yacon root is a soluble fiber that helps people feel full. Yacon contributes few calories because it passes through the body undigested. The active ingredient, which leads to weight loss, is fructooligosaccharides (FOS). FOS is also found in onions, garlic, asparagus, bananas, artichokes and chicory, but the concentration in yacon is much higher. With a low GI (or glycaemic index), this makes it suitable for diabetics and those suffering from digestion problems. Fiber assists in lowering blood sugar, cuts cholesterol and can help to prevent colon cancer by pushing waste out through the colon. It absorbs water and cleans the gastric cavity along the way for ease with bowel movements which eliminates internal toxins faster. Additionally, the low GI of this root crop extract results to the steady rise of glucose level in the blood, which in turn leads to small gentle increases of insulin in the body. This maintains the feeling of fullness for longer periods and prevents unwanted between-meal snacking, a better and healthier method than dieting or skipping meals. 

Living Natural Yacon Syrup is produced from only pure quality yacon root crops, with no coloring or additives used to preserve its purity. It is manufactured in state-of-the-art US facilities approved according to FDA standards.

Yacon syrup, sounds odd doesn't it? Well, it is! However, it is also wonderful. Yacon syrup is made from the Yacon root, a root similar to jiicama, only slightly more floral. It is sweet and fibrous and adds a great flavor to your foods. 

Naturally low in calories it is great for weight loss as well! Substituting your sugar and using yacon syrup can cut down on the calories. It has a slightly brown sugar/molasses taste and is slightly thick in consistency. 

I have used this in my coffee and it gave it a burnt brown sugar taste which i thin gave it a more deeper flavor and added a touch of sweetness. I also made the most delicious soft spice cookies with this, they came out great and i used this syrup instead of molasses and it made no difference, only in the way that i saved some calories and chose a more natural sweetener instead of chemicals. I will be using this in many more recipes as I go and I can't wait to figure out what they will be! 

Spice cookies made with Yacon syrup and love.
Note - I received this item in exchange for an honest review. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cellulite Cream with caffeine and retinal
Maker - Instanatural
Type of product - Cream
Where to buy - Amazon
Price - $23.75 + shipping without PRIME

InstaNatural's Cellulite Cream is a powerful solution that tightens and tones the skin so you can achieve a smooth, supple appearance. 

Key Ingredients: 

+ Caffeine 
+ Retinol 
+ Cocoa Butter 
+ Shea Butter 
+ Vitamin C 
+ Vitamin B5 

Our superior blend of ingredients - such as Caffeine and Retinol - deeply nourishes the skin to decrease the appearance of cellulite and dimples. Caffeine tones and tightens, while Retinol repairs and restores, so you can obtain long-lasting results for a firm and supple appearance.

I know it is unreasonable and unrealistic to think that a cream after a few weeks will totally get rid of my cellulite (and mine isnt that bad) but this does fill in and plump up the little indentions slightly so it is less noticeable. 

This smelled a bit odd, a bit bitter with the coffee i guess and a bit industrial. It was smooth to go on though, especially with the air pump. this is THICK though, you really do not need to use much. You rub it in and you can just feel it absorbing into your skin, it even moisturized the areas applied and it still felt good even with a nicer smelling lotion over it.

Like i said it didn't get rid of the cellulite but it did plump and moisturize the skin enough that it was less visible then before.

Note - I received this product in exchange for an honest review.