Monday, December 21, 2015

Excersize Swiss/Yoga Ball 

Sold By - NDN Line 

Product Type - Health/Fitness 

Price - $10.99 

Where to Buy - Amazon

Exercises abs, back, gluts, hips, arms, and other muscles. Available in 3 sizes, 55 CM, 65 CM and 75 CM


In the Beginning. Flat and lifeless.

First thing of note is this does NOT come with a pump. Either you need to already have one, get one, or use your own body air. I chose the latter and it was not too bad since I recieved the small size, if you go bigger id suggest a pump. 

Full of air.

When blown up it is this beautiful purple and white marbeled ball. Every ball is different because of this effect, no two will look thr same and I really like this unique idea. 

Easy to sit on. 

The ball is sturdy and thick but not uncomfortable. It is easy to sit on and I could really focus on my core without wobbling all over the place. It is still a challenge but i wont be falling off all the time. It comes with extra pins to hold the air in which is nice and if you want to you can take the air out to store it, it folds up very small and compact. 

Note - I have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Chomps Beef Snack Sticks

Price - Varies depending on box size

Where to Buy -

Chomps Snack Sticks are new healthy snacks that recently hit the market and has quickly become quite popular in the Gluten Free, Paleo and Crossfit communities.  They use only the best 100% Grass-Fed Beef and the sticks are cured naturally.  Chomps are free of synthetic nitrates, nitrites and MSG. They're shelf stable for a whole year and the only natural preservative used is celery juice!  Best of all, they taste amazing!  


I was sent three flavours: Ptifibal, Crankin Cran and Hoppin Jalepeno for review and I was quite impressed with the flavour and quality of these.

They are not greasy like slim jims are and you dont taste the "health" of them, they just taste like delicious beef snack sticks! Thry are bigger than i would have thought, about as long as my forearm and as thick as my pointer finger. They are very meaty and i loved the flavours. Jalepeno being my favorite.

It was not super spicy and you could actually see the green jalepenos inside of it. Original was my next favorite and it tasted pretty peppery which i love and was seasoned well Crankin Cran was the odd one. I think they were going for a spicy sweet flavour but it just kind of missed, it tasted strange, not bad but not something i would get again.

All in all these are terrific on the go or anytime snacks that are kid friendly, diet friendly and paleo friendly. 

Note - I have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

4 in 1 Chrome Showerhead with Hand Shower

Maker - HotelSpa

Product Type - Bath Accessory

Price -  Varies by zipcode

Where to Buy - Lowes

Patented 3 way diverter with anti-swivel nut allows each showerhead to be used individually or both together

Choose from 30 full and combined water flow patterns
Both showerheads have 6 settings and a 4-in chrome face

High power precision SpiralFlo dial design

Settings of each showerhead include: Power rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydrating Mist, Rain/Massage, Rain/Mist and water saving Economy Rain

5-ft super flexible stainless-steel hose with conical brass nuts for easy hand tightening

3 zone click lever dial with rub clean jets

Angle adjustable overhead bracket

Tool free installation


The HotelSpa 4 in 1 showerhead with handle ahower is really fun to have. I installed it quickly and the instructions where easy to understand. There was no need for tools or overly complicated directions and it took only minutes to set up. 

The water pressure on this is medium, not hard and not soft. Its less than what i was used to but it gets the job done well. The handle part is great for washing my dog and it extends far. However I did have to change out my handle head to one i was previously using because the one that came with this did not sit in the holder well and it tended to fall out when even touched lightly. 

I like that you can switch from showerhead to handle to both with a quick flick of a switch. You can also.change the water settings from misty to normal to even what i call "laser mode" quickly to suit different needs. I highly enjoy this showerhead/handle combo and its exceptional quality and looks. 

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review
Reference ID: pmc5c4964936fdfdadeb91ff66160afd23

Monday, November 23, 2015

Phi Naturals is an Amazon seller that specializes in health items. From sleep aids, muscle relief cream and more, Phi Nsturals has you covered. They have excellent customer service as well. I was given two items in exchange for my honest review. 

I very much need collagen for my nails and hair but taking a bunch of pills gets tiresome.and i tend to forget them, i do however drink a lot of coffee so this is nice to dump into that.

I use one tablespoon to 8oz of coffee and creamer. The powder does not dissolve quickly but i use my magic bullet to speed things up. This has a sour taste to it but its not bad once covered up with other flavors. You will notice it but its not wholly unpleasant.

My nails have become a bit harder and do not break so quickly. My hair feels softer if not thicker or fuller. This takes time to work but it does eventually. If you can figure out a way around the taste and remember to take it your good.

I have a heck of a time falling asleep. I have tried everything from oils to reading, exersize and even heavy duty pills. Nothing has worked so i decided to try these and wasnt expecting much.

These DID a degree. I took two a half hour before bed and nothing. An hour later i was starting to yawn and get a bit sleepy so i called it a night. I fell asleep quicker than i ever have. Unfortunatly, i did not stay asleep.and an hour later i was uo and about again. The next night: same. The next: same.

So i guess if you need to fall asleep these are great, but if you have trouble staying asleep i would skip these, they dont help for that.

Check out Pi Naturals HERE

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

GoPets is a small store that sells essential pet (dog and cat) products that are high quality and useful for everday care. From nail clippers to brushes GoPets knows pets and what works for your furry friend.
I was given three items for review. I had already owned thier Small Nail Clippers and loved them so I had high hopes for thier other products for my Panda pup.


I have used slicker brushs with metal pins before and i THOUGHT this was like thay and i was worried, those hurt even me. However the metal on this is capped with tiny round balls that ease the feel of the metal.and it is very soft to the head and skin. It is not uncomfortable at all and Panda likes it. The bristle part is very soft and helps keep dirt off of her coat and smooths everything out. The handle to this is a gel material and is cool to feel and touch, they thought about human comfort as well! This is a great brush and I am very pleased with it overall. It works and is safe for short and long hair.

We do not travel that much but this is just genius. The bowl unzipps and has two compartments (conveniently labled) for food and water. I have tested the water part and it is leak proof, nothing got out. It zips back into its small size.once your done and it can easily fit i. A purse or camping bag. Finicky dogs may find eating out of it odd since it does make a little noise when sticking snouts into it (Panda jumped a little but the tempting treat was too much for her not to try again) i tried this also on my unstable bed and it did not tip over so a camp ground would be perfect as well as a flat floor. This is a camping/hiking pups dream and if you have a puppy backpack they can carry it themselves!

I will admit, this scared me. It looks torturous! Two sides with curved blades? Creepy. However, the blades are not sharp and this is easy to grip so no slipping out of your hands. The blades actually grab onto the matt and gently pull it apart and detangle it. You can use this also to hold onto the matt if you just want to snip it out instead. This comb works for short and long hair and i found it best to gently do it in short pulls instead of trying to drag and tug it through the matt. Panda did not like this as much as the brush but i found it great for her fuzzy tail.which tends to matt easily. 

All in all panda was a happy and well groomed puppy with all the GoPets items she obtained and I will be sure to keep up the grooming since these items do not hurt her, are effective, and fun to use.

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

SpookyEyes Contacts offers a large selection of FX and normal contacts for your cosplay, halloween, or daily needs. Thry offer reasonable prices and always free shipping. The shipping time is about a week or two but they are worth the wait! They even have complete kits available. 

Check out the site here: SPOOKEYES.COM


I chose the Manson contacts which are white with a black rim. They were packaged wonderfully and even came with a holder case for them. I was impressed with the brightness of them and how well they read even in the packaging.

Getting them in was a little tough as i havnt used contacts in years but a little perserverence paid off and they were in. These showed up extremely well and covered my grey eyes completely. 

These are also the most comfortable contacts I have had the pleasure of wearing. They are soft and cloud like on my eyes and where it usually takes me 30 minutes to stop crying and blinking this time i took mere minutes. Spookyeyes really delivers fun, function, and comfort! I love these and I plan to get more pairs.

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Episodes - 13

Genre - Paranormal/School/Comedy

Air Date - 3.4.3015 - 26..6.2015

Amami Hibiki is a girl who can see ghosts and other supernatural phenomena in her surroundings. The stories follow her daily life with both her friends and the otherworldly.


Story - the story of Re-Kan! Is fairly light hearted. You have Amami who can see ghosts all around her, as her mother also could before she died, and tends to get into some hairy situations because of it. Her friends are there to bail her out and it led to some laugh out loud moments.

Is it a great storyline? No, its rather cliche and overdone but it is very charming in its ways and i quite enjoyed it.

Characters - what Re-Kan! Lacks in story it makes up for in diverse characters. Amami is the shy, sweet type that usually gets on my nerves but with her it worked. She was always helpful and that led to some of the more tear jerker moments.

The other main human character is Inoue. Inoue is your typical tsundere character. She acts tough and stand-offish to Amami but she really values thier friendship, so much at times it bordered on shoujo-ai. The relationship between these two is fun, funny, sweet and frustrating. I wanted so much MORE! I want the soft shy sweet Amami and Inoue to develope a strong bond.

The other human characters are well rounded. Theres the hardcore ex gangster Esume, the paranormal bloggist Uehara who uses Amamis ghost familiars for her popular posts, the occult fanatic Ogawa and the only guy in the bunch: Yamada. They all have thier roles and help Amami out when she needs it. While Yamada fit the stereotypical "guy who just cant get a date" role he really had me chuckling and i generally liked him. They all add charm and all have thier moments to shine.

Ghosts - The ghosts in this anime vary in personality and age. From very young and cute (above) to a samurai, a gal ghost (think valley girl) and a cat(?).. Actually i do not know if the cat is a ghost or not but i guess he is, either way he is completely pervy!

The ghost comprise the other half of the show. After all, its what the anime is about! They are all funny or tragic in thier own ways and some i really, really liked.  The main two are the samurai and the gal ghost and i liked that, they intereacted with each other well as a witty pair. The ghosts help (or hinder) Amami and Co along the way. I would have liked to know.more backstories on some of them as one of the episodes had me bawling like a little girl.

Art Style and Sound - Closing out my review is the art anf sound. The art is very pretty and lends to the story well. The large eyes of Amami show her innocence while the blank eyes of the samurai ghost show his tragedy. Lines are clean and everything is bright and in place. The style simply fits.

The opening and ending songs are upbeat and playful. They are catchy and the animations cheerful. I loved the opening more than the ending but they both fit the happy go lucky style of the show.

Conclusion - Re-kan! Is not an anime everyone will enjoy. I honestly almost stopped watching it but it drew me in because of such good characterization. I wanted to see what would happen to Amami and by the end i was glad i continued as the last few episodes really tugged at my heart.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ska Studio Shaper Shorts and Trimmer

Maker - SkaStudio

Product Type - Beauty/Health

Price - $39.99

Where to Buy - Amazon

Made with Lycra Beauty fibre and cotton

Perfect for any occasion. Shapes your thighs and lights your butt. No rolling up.

Ska Studio 127FA firm compression shorts made with Lycra Beauty fibre and a lining of Colombian cotton on the inside. These shaping shorts are made to smoothen your legs and form your hips. Perfect for everyday use, after birth, postpartum, or after cosmetic surgery. Looks great under jeans or pants.


Okay.. So I was told to size up which I did, but DAMN! These are extremely tight, i could barely get them on. I highly recommend going two sizes up.

Once I wiggled and shimmied and swore my way into these cute shorts (the lace is so girly and adorable) i walked around with them on in my apartment and yes, they did slim and yes, my pants slid on easier. 

The bottoms and top have this rubber like material it in that molds to your leg and keeps any part of it from slipping or bunching. I appreciated this aspect but it was a double edged sword as it was this material that made these so difficult to get on in the first place. 

The open butt section in back made me a bit self concious but under pants i didnt mind so much, felt odd but not that odd. I did not notice any perminant slimming effect from these after wearing them for a few hours every other day or so but they are nice to help my clothing fit a bit better and keep my thighs and butt slimmer under clothing. It is a nice bit of apparal that looks far nicer than most ive seen and is of good quality materials. As i have stated though SIZE UP! 2 sized just to be sure. 

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.
Ref: pmd2d14a860e8d76ddc192d8be47463544

Monday, September 28, 2015

Author - Sara Raasch

Genre - Fantasy/YA

Series - Snow Like Ashes #1

Pages - 416

Sixteen years ago the Kingdom of Winter was conquered and its citizens enslaved, leaving them without magic or a monarch. Now, the Winterians’ only hope for freedom is the eight survivors who managed to escape, and who have been waiting for the opportunity to steal back Winter’s magic and rebuild the kingdom ever since.

Orphaned as an infant during Winter’s defeat, Meira has lived her whole life as a refugee, raised by the Winterians’ general, Sir. Training to be a warrior—and desperately in love with her best friend, and future king, Mather — she would do anything to help her kingdom rise to power again.

So when scouts discover the location of the ancient locket that can restore Winter’s magic, Meira decides to go after it herself. Finally, she’s scaling towers, fighting enemy soldiers, and serving her kingdom just as she’s always dreamed she would. But the mission doesn’t go as planned, and Meira soon finds herself thrust into a world of evil magic and dangerous politics – and ultimately comes to realize that her destiny is not, never has been, her own.


Snow like ashes is one of those hidden book gems that you see but are unsure about until you start reading it. It was breathtaking! I could not put this book down and my kindle fire said i read it in six hours all at once. I did nothing else that day and i am dying for the next book to come out already.

The story centers around Meira, a winterian orphan who is caught up in a struggle with the kingdom of Summer. Thier are the kingdoms of seasons which i found to be very clever as well as rythms and others. The world building is quite nice and there was a lot of thought that went into it. The places were well described (all except spring really..) and it felt cohesive. 
Meira is a likeable heroine. She is not too strong, she has weaknesses but she works through them on her own and not by some male or anyone else helping. I liked her description as well.. Pale skin and white hair, i can see that in my mind and its very lovley. She uses a chahkram to attack which is pretty unique since most fantasies go for swords or bows. There is magic here as well but not too much.

The other characters are quiye nice as well. Mather is a bit of a droll since hes a goody goofy type and i did not enjoy him as much as i did Theron. Theron was nice but also rebellious and sparked my interest. then there is Sir, hes a good character to help Meira grow and I liked his gruff nature. All the characters added charm and variety to the story. 

The love aspect or interest is low, i highly enjoyed that as love triangles and complicated romances just annoy me. I like my action! While there is some love, the fighting and war with the seasons takes place over it and i couldnt be happier.

I could go on and on talking about the book but really, just read it. It is magicak and transports may be a YA novel, but its a terrific representation oF how you can be YA AND mature.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Author - Gabriel Urza

Genre - Fiction

Pages - 272

It's 2004 in Muriga, a quiet town in Spain's northern Basque Country, a place with more secrets than inhabitants. Five years have passed since the kidnapping and murder of a young local politician--a family man and father--and the town's rhythms have almost returned to normal. But in the aftermath of the Atocha train bombings in Madrid, an act of terrorism that rocked a nation and a world, the townspeople want a reckoning of Muriga's own troubled past: Everyone knows who pulled the trigger five years ago, but is the young man now behind bars the only one to blame?

All That Followed peels away the layers of a crime complicated by history, love, and betrayal. The accounts of three townspeople in particular--the councilman's beautiful young widow, the teenage radical now in jail for the crime, and an aging American teacher hiding a traumatic past of his own--hold the key to what really happened. And for these three, it's finally time to confront what they can find of the truth.


This was based on a true story, which would have been nice if it were, say, interesting.

Its not a bad book for those who enjoy the genre but for me it was a bit of a bore. I read the entire thing in a month which is VERY slow for me since it just did not hold my attention.

The world built up by the author was a nice, quaint town in Spain but thats really all there was. Description wise i wished for more. The characters were alright. The story switched between three of them: The american Joni, his friend Mariana and the prisoner Iker. 

I enjoyed Marianas story the most and found it the only interesting and redeeming part of the book. Joni and Iker had thier moments but mostly fell flat to me. It may be because I like fantasy and Urban Paranormal more but I just kept wishing something exciting would happen.

All that followed was not a book for me but it shouldnt be written off if you like the genre of Fiction/Contemporary or even a bit of a mystery.

Note - I have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Adjustable Waist Trimmer and Trainer

Maker - ieasysexy

Product Type - Beauty/Fashion

Price - $16.20

Where to Buy - Amazon

- Design with kinesiology principle,stretched to fit the natural curves of your body.

- An improvement in posture.

- Quicker recovery post workout due to the enhanced support of the belt.

- Additional support to the back and lumbar during workout to further reduce or even completely eliminate soreness post workout.

- Provides compression and support for diastasis recti, pendulous abdomen and umbilical hernia.

- Breathable and lightweight, so you can wear it for long time you want.


This is my first waist trainer, and as such I was not sure what to expect..but i love it.

It is super comfy and easy to put on. I got a XL size because it is asian sizes but i could have gone down one without much complaint. It is adjustable and you can loosen it with the velcro straps. It did take me a bit to figure out what side is which (front/back) but ince i got it it was simple to put on and stay on. 

The trainer keeps me straight and it does slim me. I havnt used it daily so i cant say if it has done anything permanant but i do not mind wearing it. It definatly feels consttictive! It is also breathable and does stretch when you inhale/exhale a bit so its never painful. I do notice that it binds my right side more than my left but that could just be my body shape.

The trainer is stylish and cute, black is always in style and while you wouldnt wear this out it does not show under tshirts much so wearing it around the house is no biggie. I am pleased with this trainer and will continue to use it as long as i am able and hope i get some great results.

Note - I have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pack of 3 Natural Soaps

Maker - Sublime Beauty

Product type - Soap/Bath & Body

Price - $14.99

Where to Buy - Amazon

3 Different All Natural Soaps to Delight Your Facial & Body Skin, Eyes and Nose! 15% Shea Butter Base with Olive Oil and Essential Oils. 

Beautiful Patterns in Each Soap from the Organic and Pure Ingredients. Lovely for Daily Hand or Shower Use; Great for Kids; Perfect for Guest Baths.

The Base Ingredients of Each Soap Consists of Shea butter, olive, palm and coconut oils, sweet almond, green tea seed, evening primrose and jojoba, aloe, glycerin - then specific Essential Oils or Other Oils are used to Make the Difference Between Them!


I have used many soaps natural and not natural and every time i prefer natural so i was thrilled to try these three.

Right off the bat, these are HUGE. The bars are big and thick and would not suffer to be cut un half. In fact, i recommend it so that it can fit in your soap holder unless you have a large one. The patterns are pretty and i especially love the black bar.

The lather is decent and these are quite moisturizeing. I like that i dont get that horrible drying tug after i wash this off. I feel clean and soft after. I think my least favorite thing is sadly the smell. 

These do not smell bad, they just..smell like soap. Since they are natural they do not have added scent oils, at least not any like bakery or fruity. They have a natural scent that is gender neutral so you can have it in a guest room and not worry about it being to girly or manly. I do enjoy these soaps and they will last a long while especially if you cut them. 

Note - I have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Feather, Net, and Veil Fascinator Clip on Hat

Maker - Valdler

Product Type - Womens Accessory/Hair

Price - $14.99

Where to Buy - Amazon

* Valdler offers the best fascinator hair clip hat with premium quality.
* One size fits all.
* Beautiful and brilliant; Fashion trendy design.
* Suitable for any hair colors.
* Great for daily wear or special occasions: wedding, party, prom, etc.


I am not sure if I love this. I do think it is pretty and a nice style but there are some faults with it. For one the netting was scrunched so badly that no matter what I did it would not go into place and look pretty like the pictures. Also the clips were a bit cumbersome and large, they did not stay in my hair well and I barely got a picture before it fell off. Note: I do have thin hair so that may be the reason why

That isn't to say its bad, it's not and I can see it worn to many occasions and look fabulous! The feathers are gorgeous with a nice iradescant shine to them, blue and greens mixed makes it have a crow feel and adds to the mystery. The veil itself is nice mesh material and lends well to the effect, just be prepared to lightly iron it or figure out how to shape it if it gets smushed.  

I enjoyed the puff balls on the mesh as well i feel they added fun and also the black roses. Really this hat just drips elegance if you can wear it. Its well made and the size should be right for many head shapes. Just because it did not work for me does not mean it wont work for you and give you that glam you want. It will definitely turn some heads and start some conversations.

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Genderific Coloring Book

Author - Sophie LaBelle

Genre - Coloring Book (All Ages)

Pages - 21

Where to Buy - Etsy

Price - $10.00

The Genderific Coloring Book is the third coloring book of Sophie Labelle, author of the acclaimed webcomic Assigned Male and other children's book about gender identity, gender expression and gender stereotypes.

In this book, she explores the subjects of transness, gender creativity, intersexuality and sexism in a positive and playful fashion that will please everyone - the only prerequisite is to be able to hold a crayon or a marker


First off this book is beautiful. The pages are smooth and crisp, lines are clearly defined and as somone who cant see small details well, I could see every curve and small line in this. The book is also larger in size than a standered colorung book (or at least that I remember, i have not colored in a while.) and is easy to color in, I used pencils and they went on smoothly and blended in nicely without ripping the paper (the paper is quite sturdy!)

This coloring book is a fun teaching tool for yoir kids about gender identity, equality, and tolerance (for lack of a better term, i know no one wants to be "tolerated") it teaches various gender identities and terms such as transgender, genderfluid, intersex and much more. I am straight (cis-gender i believe) and i loved and enjoyed this book. I learned and smiled throught reading and coloring it, i had a blast! 

For the kids i think this book uses the right terms for male and female body parts... Genitalia/Genitals. It is a more scientific term than penis or vagina and teaches them to respect the body instead of using terms they hear in todays society that are often associated with jokes or degradation. The book is also easy for little ones to understand as it uses simple sentences while still keeping its charm. 

Gender Identity has been so misinformed, twisted and convuluted lately that it is difficult to go a day without hearing someone bash someone for thier gender or sexuality or what have you. It is nice to just take a step back and find a respite from all that, and what better way than learning or teaching a child that its okay to be who you are and not to listen or be like those cruel people out there? You are loved, accepted and celebrated by those that matter!

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.

 Check out these links!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tropical Wheatgrass Powder

Maker - Kurrents

Product Type - Health/Food

Price - $29.95

Where To Buy - Amazon

Kurrent's Tropical Wheatgrass is a high grade natural food supplement containing more than 90 different nutritious substances and 19 Amino Acids including 9 EAA (Essential Amino Acids), vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll, and dietary fiber. Our Tropical Wheatgrass powder is more effective than tablets, capsules & traditionally known fresh Wheatgrass juice.


Wheatgrass. We know its good for us, we know its nutrient dense and healthy, but how does it taste? Does it taste green and earthy or sweet because its tropical? Well...both! Depending on what you use it for the flavor can change, it also depends on what you mix with it or if you drink it straight up in water.

The first thing I noticed besides the pretty green color, which i figured it would be, was how fine the powder was. This is baby powder fine so it will dissolve easily but also make a mess if you breathe anywhere near it. The smell is reminiscent of spinach or kale which is not unpleasant. I used this in water first and that was a mistake! It was gritty and not tropical tasting at all, it also says to use warm water which i th8nk made it taste worse since warm water is gross on its own

The second time i tried this i blended it up with greek yogurt, plain. It was MUCH better. Creamy and somewhat tart/sweet it had a much better mouth feel and taste then the plain water did. I recommend this, you can use tropical flavored regular or greek yogurt or just plain flavor.

Milk is also an alternative but you wont have the creaminess.and it will taste a bit unsweetened of you like sweet drinks.  The milk was not half bad though, i still however prefer the yogurt method. 

The energy i got from this was pretty good and i was full throught my morning until a bit after lunch time. You can also use this as a light bedtime snack to tide you until breakfast and it wont weigh you down. I have not tried this in baking but i may just give it a shot soon! 

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.