Saturday, October 17, 2015

Re-Kan! Anime Review

Episodes - 13

Genre - Paranormal/School/Comedy

Air Date - 3.4.3015 - 26..6.2015

Amami Hibiki is a girl who can see ghosts and other supernatural phenomena in her surroundings. The stories follow her daily life with both her friends and the otherworldly.


Story - the story of Re-Kan! Is fairly light hearted. You have Amami who can see ghosts all around her, as her mother also could before she died, and tends to get into some hairy situations because of it. Her friends are there to bail her out and it led to some laugh out loud moments.

Is it a great storyline? No, its rather cliche and overdone but it is very charming in its ways and i quite enjoyed it.

Characters - what Re-Kan! Lacks in story it makes up for in diverse characters. Amami is the shy, sweet type that usually gets on my nerves but with her it worked. She was always helpful and that led to some of the more tear jerker moments.

The other main human character is Inoue. Inoue is your typical tsundere character. She acts tough and stand-offish to Amami but she really values thier friendship, so much at times it bordered on shoujo-ai. The relationship between these two is fun, funny, sweet and frustrating. I wanted so much MORE! I want the soft shy sweet Amami and Inoue to develope a strong bond.

The other human characters are well rounded. Theres the hardcore ex gangster Esume, the paranormal bloggist Uehara who uses Amamis ghost familiars for her popular posts, the occult fanatic Ogawa and the only guy in the bunch: Yamada. They all have thier roles and help Amami out when she needs it. While Yamada fit the stereotypical "guy who just cant get a date" role he really had me chuckling and i generally liked him. They all add charm and all have thier moments to shine.

Ghosts - The ghosts in this anime vary in personality and age. From very young and cute (above) to a samurai, a gal ghost (think valley girl) and a cat(?).. Actually i do not know if the cat is a ghost or not but i guess he is, either way he is completely pervy!

The ghost comprise the other half of the show. After all, its what the anime is about! They are all funny or tragic in thier own ways and some i really, really liked.  The main two are the samurai and the gal ghost and i liked that, they intereacted with each other well as a witty pair. The ghosts help (or hinder) Amami and Co along the way. I would have liked to know.more backstories on some of them as one of the episodes had me bawling like a little girl.

Art Style and Sound - Closing out my review is the art anf sound. The art is very pretty and lends to the story well. The large eyes of Amami show her innocence while the blank eyes of the samurai ghost show his tragedy. Lines are clean and everything is bright and in place. The style simply fits.

The opening and ending songs are upbeat and playful. They are catchy and the animations cheerful. I loved the opening more than the ending but they both fit the happy go lucky style of the show.

Conclusion - Re-kan! Is not an anime everyone will enjoy. I honestly almost stopped watching it but it drew me in because of such good characterization. I wanted to see what would happen to Amami and by the end i was glad i continued as the last few episodes really tugged at my heart.


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