Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ska Studio Shaper Shorts and Trimmer

Maker - SkaStudio

Product Type - Beauty/Health

Price - $39.99

Where to Buy - Amazon

Made with Lycra Beauty fibre and cotton

Perfect for any occasion. Shapes your thighs and lights your butt. No rolling up.

Ska Studio 127FA firm compression shorts made with Lycra Beauty fibre and a lining of Colombian cotton on the inside. These shaping shorts are made to smoothen your legs and form your hips. Perfect for everyday use, after birth, postpartum, or after cosmetic surgery. Looks great under jeans or pants.


Okay.. So I was told to size up which I did, but DAMN! These are extremely tight, i could barely get them on. I highly recommend going two sizes up.

Once I wiggled and shimmied and swore my way into these cute shorts (the lace is so girly and adorable) i walked around with them on in my apartment and yes, they did slim and yes, my pants slid on easier. 

The bottoms and top have this rubber like material it in that molds to your leg and keeps any part of it from slipping or bunching. I appreciated this aspect but it was a double edged sword as it was this material that made these so difficult to get on in the first place. 

The open butt section in back made me a bit self concious but under pants i didnt mind so much, felt odd but not that odd. I did not notice any perminant slimming effect from these after wearing them for a few hours every other day or so but they are nice to help my clothing fit a bit better and keep my thighs and butt slimmer under clothing. It is a nice bit of apparal that looks far nicer than most ive seen and is of good quality materials. As i have stated though SIZE UP! 2 sized just to be sure. 

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.
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