Tuesday, February 28, 2012


My sister is visiting from NY for a week or two and shes got my niece and her fiance with her, so unfortunatly while they are here i will not be able to update, hope to be back soon!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blood on the Bayou
Author - Stacey Jay 
Genre - Urban Paranormal
Pages - 352
Release Date - March 27th 2012

Description from Goodreads:

It's only been three weeks since Annabelle helped solve the murder of Grace Beauchamp, and in the process, she discovered a secret world of invisible, magic-working people who have decided she might have what it takes to join their ranks. 

As best as she can determine, Annabelle’s attack by a group of fairies has infected her with paranormal ability she did not previously possess, including being able to mentally move objects and heal wounds. Her new abilities appear to have few negative side effects, aside from creepy dreams. But would that change if she stopped injecting herself with the mystery drug delivered to her by the even more mysterious Tucker, one of the Invisibles? Leery of trusting criminals with her health, Annabelle wishes she had someone she could talk to about the changes in her life. Enter Hitch, FBI agent and Annabelle's ex, who's back in Donaldsonville on an off-the-books investigation. Hitch suspects that there's a government-funded illegal lab that’s developing a controversial fairy-killing spray that could adversely affect the existence of every living thing in the delta—including humans. And Hitch and Annabelle will have to find a way to work together if they're going to find a way to shut it down.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


1. Randomly open your current read to a page.
2. Pick 2 sentences from that page to share, it can be more but not too much more.
3. No Spoilers!


I want to know what truly happened in history from someone who was there. I want to know the things you know, especially the things humanity has forgotten or never knew int he first place. It's just the general principle that knowing is better than not knowing, knowledge is power and so on.

Hounded by Kevin Hearne

Sunday, February 19, 2012

In My Mailbox

This week i finally got to go to Edward McKays and I traded in all my used books for store credit and came away with about 30 books! I swear they love me there and I love my used bookstore. Here is a small percentage what i got:


The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton
Fury of the Phoenix by Cindy Pon
Sea of Ghosts by Alan Campbell
Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran
Nefertiti by Michelle Moran
Girl in the Arena by Lise Haines
Walker Papers 1-6 by C.E. Murphey 
A Touch Mortal by Leah Clifford 
Spellbent by Lucy A. Snyder
Shotgun Sorceress by Lucy A. Snyder


The Eyes of Kid Midas by Neal Shusterman
The Horns of Ruin by Tim Akers 

For Review

Fairy Metal Thunder by J. L. Bryan 
The Peculiars by Maureen Doyle McQuerry
Halflings by Heather Burch 
A Beautiful Evil by Kelly Keaton 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Author - R. A. Salvatore
Series - Neverwinter #2
Genre - High Fantasy
Pages - 352

From Goodreads:

With the last of his trusted companions having fallen, Drizzt is alone--and free--for the first time in almost 100 years. Guilt mingles with relief, leaving Drizzt uniquely vulnerable to the persuasions of his newest companion--Dahlia, a darkly alluring elf and the only other member of their party to survive the cataclysm at Mount Hotenow. But traveling with Dahlia is challenging in more ways than one.

First and foremost I would like to say, I miss the companions of the hall! Yes, I know Salvatore has been writing the Drizzt books for over 10 years and yes I know that new directions must be made but.. why Bruenor? Why?!

Ahem. Back to the review.

Neverwinter starts off a bit after Gauntlgrym. The town of Neverwinter has been demolished and is in the midst of rebuilding,  the ashen zombies brought forth by the Lich Valindra are however hindering that notion. Herzgo Alegni is still plotting his schemes and Barrabus is still his slave. Sylora still is trying to complete her dread ring while harboring hatred for Dahlia who is now traveling with Drizzt in order to stop Sylora once and for all.

Enough plots for you? Indeed, the twists and turns in this book are many and can become cumbersome, however not to the point of making you want to stop reading, truly Salvatore shines in his action packed battles and there are plenty abound!  I love the usage of swordplay and sorcery in this series and Neverwinter delivers on both while still making you think.

The characters themselves are complex and you know who you should and should not like. However, I still feel distanced from Dahlia. She is still much an enigma and the way she makes Drizzt question his ‘goodly’ nature is not endearing. I like my lavender eyed drow to be good, not undecided.  We are also introduced to a few more new characters that add spice and intrigue into the story.

Do NOT think you will find romance in this story, there is none. The few encounters that could possibly be romantic are few, short and only hinted at. That’s how I like it though, I do not enjoy a book that focuses on lovey dovey drama, give me blood and gore and fighting any day and you have a happy fangirl.

While the companions are not in tow anymore and while the series is taking new directions, I like where it is going. There is still fighting, mystery and of course Drizzt and that is what I always keep coming back to Salvatore for. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

By a Thread 
Author - Jennifer Estep
Series - Elemental Assassins #6
Pages - 384
Release Date - February 28th 2012

Goodreads Description: 

When killing people is your job, there’s no such thing as a vacation. 

Then again, how often does an assassin live long enough to enjoy her retirement? In this line of work, you either get lucky or you get dead. And since I destroyed my nemesis Mab Monroe a few weeks ago, all of Ashland’s lowlifes are gunning to make a name for themselves by taking out the lethal Spider—me, Gin Blanco. So I’m leaving behind my beloved barbecue joint and heading south with my baby sister, Bria, to cool my heels in a swanky beach town. Call it a weekend of fun in the sun. 

But when a powerful vampire with deadly elemental magic threatens an old friend of Bria’s, it looks like I’ll have to dig my silverstone knives out of my suitcase after all. Complicating matters further is the reappearance of Detective Donovan Caine, my old lover. But Donovan is the least of my problems. Because this time, the danger is hot on my trail, and not even my elemental Ice and Stone magic may be enough to save me from getting buried in the sand—permanently

For some reason I am always behind on this (also sorry for the wonky colors, my laptop and brain are not working with me today!) I know I don't always read YA, and I know I don't keep up with the newest books coming out, so the WoWs I do are my personal books that I am waiting on.. or.. was that the whole point of this? hahaha.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


1. Open your current read to a random page
2. Pick (2) sentences to share, you can share more but no more than 1 paragraph.
3. No spoilers!


A wave of yearning swept through Rae, and she felt the sting of tears in her eyes. She blinked rapidly. No way was she going to have a crying jag in her first day in group. It's just one of your brain hiccups, she told herself. That feeling has nothing to do with you. She forced herself to return to her drawing. The handle of the paintbrush came out too long. It ended up as a root wrapped around Rae's ankle in the sketch.

Echoes by Melinda Metz

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Harbinger by Sara Wilson Etienne
Maximum Ride Series 1-7 by James Patterson
Fracture by Megan Miranda
A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness
Sabina Kane Series 1-4 by Jaye Wells
Two Truths and a Lie by Sara Shepard
The Sword by Gail Z Martin
The Dread by Gail Z Martin
Shadow Blade by Seressia Glass
Shadow Chase by Seressia Glass
The Empyrean Odyssey 1-3 by Thomas M. Reid
The Haunted Lands 1-3 by Richard Lee Byers


Bad Blood by Scott Nicholson
October Girls by  L. C. Glazebrook
Daughter of Xanadu by Dori Jones Yang
Liar Society by Lisa Roecker

Friday, February 10, 2012

Follow Friday

Q: Would you rather read a favorite book over and over until you are sick of it, or read tons of mediocre books?

I would rather read a ton of mediocre books than read my favorite one to death. While reading those mediocre ones, I could happen upon a new favorite author or genre or at least one I would want to read again, while if I just read the same one over and over I probably wouldn't find a new book or genre, and I would come to hate the one book and I do not want to do that!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Space Between
Author - Brenna Yovanoff
Genre - YA/Paranormal Romance
Pages - 363

From Goodreads:

Everything is made of steel, even the flowers. How can you love anything in a place like this?

Daphne is the half-demon, half-fallen angel daughter of Lucifer and Lilith. Life for her is an endless expanse of time, until her brother Obie is kidnapped - and Daphne realizes she may be partially responsible. Determined to find him, Daphne travels from her home in Pandemonium to the vast streets of Earth, where everything is colder and more terrifying. With the help of the human boy she believes was the last person to see her brother alive, Daphne glimpses into his dreams, discovering clues to Obie's whereabouts. As she delves deeper into her demonic powers, she must navigate the jealousies and alliances of the violent archangels who stand in her way. But she also discovers, unexpectedly, what it means to love and be human in a world where human is the hardest thing to be

The space between is a YA paranormal romance between a half demon/angel girl named Daphne and a half demon/human boy named Truman. Sure, It dosnt start out like that, Daphne originaly goes to Earth from her home in hell to look for her brother Obie who has disappeared. Once on Earth she meets back up with Truman whom she met in Hell (a timeless place but apparently a year has passed since she met him)  And she recruits him to help find Obie and piece together what happened to him.

As cliché as the story sounds, I liked that the characters were part demon, it’s a bit different than the typical vampire/werewolf/faerie that is prevalent today. Daphne is a likeable character, she is naïve but brave. In hell she has no feelings but upon going to Earth she starts to learn about them and the process is fascinating. Truman however, I could have lived without him, sure he goes through his own little transformation during the book but he is almost TOO tortured in the beginning, I get I was supposed to feel sorry for him but he made me want to roll my eyes.

The twists and turns towards the end were nice, but I think haphazard. Daphne uses her ‘power’ to fight Dark Dreadfull, a seemingly invincible monster that too easily gives up the chase, or rather the ‘fight’ was over far to quickly and I was disappointed. Same as with Azrael. I find the author building up to this grand finale or action climax and then just dropping it off and solving it in a few paragraphs. It made for a rather dull book at those times.  The ending however was pretty nice, it was sweet but again rushed. I wish the book were longer, More backstory or character development would have done so much more for it. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Follow Friday

Q: Define what characteristics you favorite books share. Do they all have a kick ass heroine or is that hot love interest the Alpha Male?

Great Question! I usually do not think about it. Now that I have, I guess it would have to be the main character is always strong in some way. I do not like whiney main charas they get on my nerves and i end up yelling at the book haha. I read a variety of genres so they usually do not have too many similarities.