Monday, August 31, 2015

Author - Gabriel Urza

Genre - Fiction

Pages - 272

It's 2004 in Muriga, a quiet town in Spain's northern Basque Country, a place with more secrets than inhabitants. Five years have passed since the kidnapping and murder of a young local politician--a family man and father--and the town's rhythms have almost returned to normal. But in the aftermath of the Atocha train bombings in Madrid, an act of terrorism that rocked a nation and a world, the townspeople want a reckoning of Muriga's own troubled past: Everyone knows who pulled the trigger five years ago, but is the young man now behind bars the only one to blame?

All That Followed peels away the layers of a crime complicated by history, love, and betrayal. The accounts of three townspeople in particular--the councilman's beautiful young widow, the teenage radical now in jail for the crime, and an aging American teacher hiding a traumatic past of his own--hold the key to what really happened. And for these three, it's finally time to confront what they can find of the truth.


This was based on a true story, which would have been nice if it were, say, interesting.

Its not a bad book for those who enjoy the genre but for me it was a bit of a bore. I read the entire thing in a month which is VERY slow for me since it just did not hold my attention.

The world built up by the author was a nice, quaint town in Spain but thats really all there was. Description wise i wished for more. The characters were alright. The story switched between three of them: The american Joni, his friend Mariana and the prisoner Iker. 

I enjoyed Marianas story the most and found it the only interesting and redeeming part of the book. Joni and Iker had thier moments but mostly fell flat to me. It may be because I like fantasy and Urban Paranormal more but I just kept wishing something exciting would happen.

All that followed was not a book for me but it shouldnt be written off if you like the genre of Fiction/Contemporary or even a bit of a mystery.

Note - I have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Adjustable Waist Trimmer and Trainer

Maker - ieasysexy

Product Type - Beauty/Fashion

Price - $16.20

Where to Buy - Amazon

- Design with kinesiology principle,stretched to fit the natural curves of your body.

- An improvement in posture.

- Quicker recovery post workout due to the enhanced support of the belt.

- Additional support to the back and lumbar during workout to further reduce or even completely eliminate soreness post workout.

- Provides compression and support for diastasis recti, pendulous abdomen and umbilical hernia.

- Breathable and lightweight, so you can wear it for long time you want.


This is my first waist trainer, and as such I was not sure what to expect..but i love it.

It is super comfy and easy to put on. I got a XL size because it is asian sizes but i could have gone down one without much complaint. It is adjustable and you can loosen it with the velcro straps. It did take me a bit to figure out what side is which (front/back) but ince i got it it was simple to put on and stay on. 

The trainer keeps me straight and it does slim me. I havnt used it daily so i cant say if it has done anything permanant but i do not mind wearing it. It definatly feels consttictive! It is also breathable and does stretch when you inhale/exhale a bit so its never painful. I do notice that it binds my right side more than my left but that could just be my body shape.

The trainer is stylish and cute, black is always in style and while you wouldnt wear this out it does not show under tshirts much so wearing it around the house is no biggie. I am pleased with this trainer and will continue to use it as long as i am able and hope i get some great results.

Note - I have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.