Friday, April 25, 2014

Feature Friday

Feature Friday is hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read

QUESTION: Have any pets? Tell us or show us!

I have 1 dog named Panda. She is a Maltese/Poodle mix and is 6yrs old. She loves to read with me and snuggle under the covers when I go to sleep.I got her from the flea market, (yes i know, bad me) but i had been looking at shelters for months and none of them had what i was looking for (a fluffy, small female puppy) I KNOW i should not have been so picky but in a way I was glad i was. I went up to her cage (the very last place of the day that i was willing to look because i had such heartbreak with all the other places) and there she was, this tiny, runt of the litter black and white female fluff ball! she was so perfect. The other pups were asleep but when i put my finger in the cage she crawled over and bit it. She was MINE! I fully believe she chose me and I do not know what i would have done without her that day and all days after. 

Here are some pics of my silly, derptastic, scruffy Panda-Roo!