Friday, September 5, 2014

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I had ordered some perfume samples from her, her scent list is HUGE! she does some unique sounding scents (Stephen King themed.) and some you guys already know (LUSH, B&BW..) I ordered 5 samples and they arrived very quickly and packaged super cutely The price was reasonable as well as the shipping. I tested each on my skin and have results to share

Please Note: I was not compensated for this review, i bought these out of my own pocket. Everything is my own opinion and truth. Scents may vary to you and your own unique skin chemistry.

Rose Jam, Chinatown, Salem's Lot, Fresh Cut Grass, Vanille Abricot


Rose Jam - (LUSH type) - rose, geranium, lemon, & tonka bean. 

The rose part of this is not as prominent as you would think, actually it sort of turns into a raspberry smell with sweetness to it on my skin, just like a jam but not overly sweet. It is defiantly a yummy smell and I really need a big one of these! 

Chinatown  - (Bond type) - Top notes of peach blossoms and bergamot. Mid-notes of gardenia, honey, tuberose, peony, & orange blossom. Base notes of patchouli, cedar, warm and soft vanilla, sandalwood, cardamom, and guaiac wood.

Peony is one of my favorite flowers and was a very flowery scent but not overpowering. I got no vanilla in this for which i am very glad. It actually was my favorite of the five, its floral and mature but not 'old.' It feels like something a young noble Chinese maiden would wear when she was with her ladies embroidering or going for a walk through the gardens. It is soft and light and a very pleasing scent, another I will have to get in big form. The ONLY thing that I could say negative was that it faded quickly and I had to reapply soon after.

Salem's Lot - (Stephen King collection) - a damp, dark, mysterious scent reminiscent of a coffin or tomb -- a deep, velvety vanilla base accented with woods & dust

 When I first sniffed this in the bottle it smelled like paper, like newspaper and cold cement, I was very excited. However sadly as it warmed up on my skin the vanilla overpowered the wonderful dusty ground smell and was just a warm (with a tinge of darkness) vanilla. It was by no means bad, it was just not what I had wanted it to be.

Fresh Cut Grass - The windows are open; a summer breeze is blowing in. The smell of freshly cut grass captures your senses. Fresh & green, like the underside of a lawnmower.

The description is spot on. As soon as I put it on it smelled only of freshly mowed grass, that kind of strong green scent that yells "spring/summer" as it warmed up on my skin is shifted. It still kept its fresh cut smell but it also had a note of a warm slow sunshine breeze. If you like spring scents that really embody the sun and grass and is a clean scent, you will like this.

 Vanille Abricot - (Comptoir Sud Pacifique type) - Jackfruit, apricot, papaya, vanilla, sugar candy.

What the heck is a jackfruit? Whatever it is it is very sweet! This was my 'surprise' scent, I had a hard time picking a fifth sample so I just said whatever haha. I get the sugary sweet I get the fruit and I get the vanilla at first. As it sat on my skin though the vanilla came through more than the fruity which saddened me (I guess my skin likes vanilla a lot) I could still smell the fruit a bit though. This was strong and sugary sweet but toned down as time went on. 


You can find Sucreabeille on Etsy by clicking the name of the store at the top or any banner. She is fast to answer your questions as well.