Authors + Publishers
I will review your ARC, hardback, paperback, or Ebook books. All you have to do is send me an Email.


Those I like:
Epic Fantasy
General Fantasy
Young Adult Fantasy/Paranormal ( On occasion)
Some Historical Fiction

Those I do not like:
Non-Fiction (This is negotiable, I do like some historical biographies and pagan books)
Western Romance

It usually only takes a few days for me to finish and review a book, all Author/Publisher books given to me will be bumped up to the top of my reading list. If I have not reviewd and linked you to it within a week, please feel free to inquire via email.

I do not use a rate system, sometimes it is difficult to place a certain rateing. I do however always use honesty in my reviews, if I do not like a book I will not sugarcoat my review, though I will point out what I did like about it. I will never flame, discredit or lie about an author/publisher or book.

Contests + Promotions + Other
I you want me to host a promotion, interview, contest/giveaway, or anything else you want please let me know, I would love to do this!

Here is how to get a hold of me