Tuesday, November 24, 2015

4 in 1 Chrome Showerhead with Hand Shower

Maker - HotelSpa

Product Type - Bath Accessory

Price -  Varies by zipcode

Where to Buy - Lowes

Patented 3 way diverter with anti-swivel nut allows each showerhead to be used individually or both together

Choose from 30 full and combined water flow patterns
Both showerheads have 6 settings and a 4-in chrome face

High power precision SpiralFlo dial design

Settings of each showerhead include: Power rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydrating Mist, Rain/Massage, Rain/Mist and water saving Economy Rain

5-ft super flexible stainless-steel hose with conical brass nuts for easy hand tightening

3 zone click lever dial with rub clean jets

Angle adjustable overhead bracket

Tool free installation


The HotelSpa 4 in 1 showerhead with handle ahower is really fun to have. I installed it quickly and the instructions where easy to understand. There was no need for tools or overly complicated directions and it took only minutes to set up. 

The water pressure on this is medium, not hard and not soft. Its less than what i was used to but it gets the job done well. The handle part is great for washing my dog and it extends far. However I did have to change out my handle head to one i was previously using because the one that came with this did not sit in the holder well and it tended to fall out when even touched lightly. 

I like that you can switch from showerhead to handle to both with a quick flick of a switch. You can also.change the water settings from misty to normal to even what i call "laser mode" quickly to suit different needs. I highly enjoy this showerhead/handle combo and its exceptional quality and looks. 

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review
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Monday, November 23, 2015

Phi Naturals is an Amazon seller that specializes in health items. From sleep aids, muscle relief cream and more, Phi Nsturals has you covered. They have excellent customer service as well. I was given two items in exchange for my honest review. 

I very much need collagen for my nails and hair but taking a bunch of pills gets tiresome.and i tend to forget them, i do however drink a lot of coffee so this is nice to dump into that.

I use one tablespoon to 8oz of coffee and creamer. The powder does not dissolve quickly but i use my magic bullet to speed things up. This has a sour taste to it but its not bad once covered up with other flavors. You will notice it but its not wholly unpleasant.

My nails have become a bit harder and do not break so quickly. My hair feels softer if not thicker or fuller. This takes time to work but it does eventually. If you can figure out a way around the taste and remember to take it your good.

I have a heck of a time falling asleep. I have tried everything from oils to reading, exersize and even heavy duty pills. Nothing has worked so i decided to try these and wasnt expecting much.

These DID work...to a degree. I took two a half hour before bed and nothing. An hour later i was starting to yawn and get a bit sleepy so i called it a night. I fell asleep quicker than i ever have. Unfortunatly, i did not stay asleep.and an hour later i was uo and about again. The next night: same. The next: same.

So i guess if you need to fall asleep these are great, but if you have trouble staying asleep i would skip these, they dont help for that.

Check out Pi Naturals HERE

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

GoPets is a small Amazon.com store that sells essential pet (dog and cat) products that are high quality and useful for everday care. From nail clippers to brushes GoPets knows pets and what works for your furry friend.
I was given three items for review. I had already owned thier Small Nail Clippers and loved them so I had high hopes for thier other products for my Panda pup.


I have used slicker brushs with metal pins before and i THOUGHT this was like thay and i was worried, those hurt even me. However the metal on this is capped with tiny round balls that ease the feel of the metal.and it is very soft to the head and skin. It is not uncomfortable at all and Panda likes it. The bristle part is very soft and helps keep dirt off of her coat and smooths everything out. The handle to this is a gel material and is cool to feel and touch, they thought about human comfort as well! This is a great brush and I am very pleased with it overall. It works and is safe for short and long hair.

We do not travel that much but this is just genius. The bowl unzipps and has two compartments (conveniently labled) for food and water. I have tested the water part and it is leak proof, nothing got out. It zips back into its small size.once your done and it can easily fit i. A purse or camping bag. Finicky dogs may find eating out of it odd since it does make a little noise when sticking snouts into it (Panda jumped a little but the tempting treat was too much for her not to try again) i tried this also on my unstable bed and it did not tip over so a camp ground would be perfect as well as a flat floor. This is a camping/hiking pups dream and if you have a puppy backpack they can carry it themselves!

I will admit, this scared me. It looks torturous! Two sides with curved blades? Creepy. However, the blades are not sharp and this is easy to grip so no slipping out of your hands. The blades actually grab onto the matt and gently pull it apart and detangle it. You can use this also to hold onto the matt if you just want to snip it out instead. This comb works for short and long hair and i found it best to gently do it in short pulls instead of trying to drag and tug it through the matt. Panda did not like this as much as the brush but i found it great for her fuzzy tail.which tends to matt easily. 

All in all panda was a happy and well groomed puppy with all the GoPets items she obtained and I will be sure to keep up the grooming since these items do not hurt her, are effective, and fun to use.

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

SpookyEyes Contacts offers a large selection of FX and normal contacts for your cosplay, halloween, or daily needs. Thry offer reasonable prices and always free shipping. The shipping time is about a week or two but they are worth the wait! They even have complete kits available. 

Check out the site here: SPOOKEYES.COM


I chose the Manson contacts which are white with a black rim. They were packaged wonderfully and even came with a holder case for them. I was impressed with the brightness of them and how well they read even in the packaging.

Getting them in was a little tough as i havnt used contacts in years but a little perserverence paid off and they were in. These showed up extremely well and covered my grey eyes completely. 

These are also the most comfortable contacts I have had the pleasure of wearing. They are soft and cloud like on my eyes and where it usually takes me 30 minutes to stop crying and blinking this time i took mere minutes. Spookyeyes really delivers fun, function, and comfort! I love these and I plan to get more pairs.

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.