Monday, November 23, 2015

Phi Naturals is an Amazon seller that specializes in health items. From sleep aids, muscle relief cream and more, Phi Nsturals has you covered. They have excellent customer service as well. I was given two items in exchange for my honest review. 

I very much need collagen for my nails and hair but taking a bunch of pills gets tiresome.and i tend to forget them, i do however drink a lot of coffee so this is nice to dump into that.

I use one tablespoon to 8oz of coffee and creamer. The powder does not dissolve quickly but i use my magic bullet to speed things up. This has a sour taste to it but its not bad once covered up with other flavors. You will notice it but its not wholly unpleasant.

My nails have become a bit harder and do not break so quickly. My hair feels softer if not thicker or fuller. This takes time to work but it does eventually. If you can figure out a way around the taste and remember to take it your good.

I have a heck of a time falling asleep. I have tried everything from oils to reading, exersize and even heavy duty pills. Nothing has worked so i decided to try these and wasnt expecting much.

These DID a degree. I took two a half hour before bed and nothing. An hour later i was starting to yawn and get a bit sleepy so i called it a night. I fell asleep quicker than i ever have. Unfortunatly, i did not stay asleep.and an hour later i was uo and about again. The next night: same. The next: same.

So i guess if you need to fall asleep these are great, but if you have trouble staying asleep i would skip these, they dont help for that.

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