Wednesday, November 4, 2015

SpookyEyes Contacts Review

SpookyEyes Contacts offers a large selection of FX and normal contacts for your cosplay, halloween, or daily needs. Thry offer reasonable prices and always free shipping. The shipping time is about a week or two but they are worth the wait! They even have complete kits available. 

Check out the site here: SPOOKEYES.COM


I chose the Manson contacts which are white with a black rim. They were packaged wonderfully and even came with a holder case for them. I was impressed with the brightness of them and how well they read even in the packaging.

Getting them in was a little tough as i havnt used contacts in years but a little perserverence paid off and they were in. These showed up extremely well and covered my grey eyes completely. 

These are also the most comfortable contacts I have had the pleasure of wearing. They are soft and cloud like on my eyes and where it usually takes me 30 minutes to stop crying and blinking this time i took mere minutes. Spookyeyes really delivers fun, function, and comfort! I love these and I plan to get more pairs.

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.


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