Tuesday, November 10, 2015

GoPets Amazon Store Review

GoPets is a small Amazon.com store that sells essential pet (dog and cat) products that are high quality and useful for everday care. From nail clippers to brushes GoPets knows pets and what works for your furry friend.
I was given three items for review. I had already owned thier Small Nail Clippers and loved them so I had high hopes for thier other products for my Panda pup.


I have used slicker brushs with metal pins before and i THOUGHT this was like thay and i was worried, those hurt even me. However the metal on this is capped with tiny round balls that ease the feel of the metal.and it is very soft to the head and skin. It is not uncomfortable at all and Panda likes it. The bristle part is very soft and helps keep dirt off of her coat and smooths everything out. The handle to this is a gel material and is cool to feel and touch, they thought about human comfort as well! This is a great brush and I am very pleased with it overall. It works and is safe for short and long hair.

We do not travel that much but this is just genius. The bowl unzipps and has two compartments (conveniently labled) for food and water. I have tested the water part and it is leak proof, nothing got out. It zips back into its small size.once your done and it can easily fit i. A purse or camping bag. Finicky dogs may find eating out of it odd since it does make a little noise when sticking snouts into it (Panda jumped a little but the tempting treat was too much for her not to try again) i tried this also on my unstable bed and it did not tip over so a camp ground would be perfect as well as a flat floor. This is a camping/hiking pups dream and if you have a puppy backpack they can carry it themselves!

I will admit, this scared me. It looks torturous! Two sides with curved blades? Creepy. However, the blades are not sharp and this is easy to grip so no slipping out of your hands. The blades actually grab onto the matt and gently pull it apart and detangle it. You can use this also to hold onto the matt if you just want to snip it out instead. This comb works for short and long hair and i found it best to gently do it in short pulls instead of trying to drag and tug it through the matt. Panda did not like this as much as the brush but i found it great for her fuzzy tail.which tends to matt easily. 

All in all panda was a happy and well groomed puppy with all the GoPets items she obtained and I will be sure to keep up the grooming since these items do not hurt her, are effective, and fun to use.

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review


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