Thursday, February 9, 2012

Review - The Space Between

The Space Between
Author - Brenna Yovanoff
Genre - YA/Paranormal Romance
Pages - 363

From Goodreads:

Everything is made of steel, even the flowers. How can you love anything in a place like this?

Daphne is the half-demon, half-fallen angel daughter of Lucifer and Lilith. Life for her is an endless expanse of time, until her brother Obie is kidnapped - and Daphne realizes she may be partially responsible. Determined to find him, Daphne travels from her home in Pandemonium to the vast streets of Earth, where everything is colder and more terrifying. With the help of the human boy she believes was the last person to see her brother alive, Daphne glimpses into his dreams, discovering clues to Obie's whereabouts. As she delves deeper into her demonic powers, she must navigate the jealousies and alliances of the violent archangels who stand in her way. But she also discovers, unexpectedly, what it means to love and be human in a world where human is the hardest thing to be

The space between is a YA paranormal romance between a half demon/angel girl named Daphne and a half demon/human boy named Truman. Sure, It dosnt start out like that, Daphne originaly goes to Earth from her home in hell to look for her brother Obie who has disappeared. Once on Earth she meets back up with Truman whom she met in Hell (a timeless place but apparently a year has passed since she met him)  And she recruits him to help find Obie and piece together what happened to him.

As cliché as the story sounds, I liked that the characters were part demon, it’s a bit different than the typical vampire/werewolf/faerie that is prevalent today. Daphne is a likeable character, she is naïve but brave. In hell she has no feelings but upon going to Earth she starts to learn about them and the process is fascinating. Truman however, I could have lived without him, sure he goes through his own little transformation during the book but he is almost TOO tortured in the beginning, I get I was supposed to feel sorry for him but he made me want to roll my eyes.

The twists and turns towards the end were nice, but I think haphazard. Daphne uses her ‘power’ to fight Dark Dreadfull, a seemingly invincible monster that too easily gives up the chase, or rather the ‘fight’ was over far to quickly and I was disappointed. Same as with Azrael. I find the author building up to this grand finale or action climax and then just dropping it off and solving it in a few paragraphs. It made for a rather dull book at those times.  The ending however was pretty nice, it was sweet but again rushed. I wish the book were longer, More backstory or character development would have done so much more for it. 


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