Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Genderific Coloring Book

Author - Sophie LaBelle

Genre - Coloring Book (All Ages)

Pages - 21

Where to Buy - Etsy

Price - $10.00

The Genderific Coloring Book is the third coloring book of Sophie Labelle, author of the acclaimed webcomic Assigned Male and other children's book about gender identity, gender expression and gender stereotypes.

In this book, she explores the subjects of transness, gender creativity, intersexuality and sexism in a positive and playful fashion that will please everyone - the only prerequisite is to be able to hold a crayon or a marker


First off this book is beautiful. The pages are smooth and crisp, lines are clearly defined and as somone who cant see small details well, I could see every curve and small line in this. The book is also larger in size than a standered colorung book (or at least that I remember, i have not colored in a while.) and is easy to color in, I used pencils and they went on smoothly and blended in nicely without ripping the paper (the paper is quite sturdy!)

This coloring book is a fun teaching tool for yoir kids about gender identity, equality, and tolerance (for lack of a better term, i know no one wants to be "tolerated") it teaches various gender identities and terms such as transgender, genderfluid, intersex and much more. I am straight (cis-gender i believe) and i loved and enjoyed this book. I learned and smiled throught reading and coloring it, i had a blast! 

For the kids i think this book uses the right terms for male and female body parts... Genitalia/Genitals. It is a more scientific term than penis or vagina and teaches them to respect the body instead of using terms they hear in todays society that are often associated with jokes or degradation. The book is also easy for little ones to understand as it uses simple sentences while still keeping its charm. 

Gender Identity has been so misinformed, twisted and convuluted lately that it is difficult to go a day without hearing someone bash someone for thier gender or sexuality or what have you. It is nice to just take a step back and find a respite from all that, and what better way than learning or teaching a child that its okay to be who you are and not to listen or be like those cruel people out there? You are loved, accepted and celebrated by those that matter!

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.

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