Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tropical Wheatgrass Powder

Maker - Kurrents

Product Type - Health/Food

Price - $29.95

Where To Buy - Amazon

Kurrent's Tropical Wheatgrass is a high grade natural food supplement containing more than 90 different nutritious substances and 19 Amino Acids including 9 EAA (Essential Amino Acids), vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll, and dietary fiber. Our Tropical Wheatgrass powder is more effective than tablets, capsules & traditionally known fresh Wheatgrass juice.


Wheatgrass. We know its good for us, we know its nutrient dense and healthy, but how does it taste? Does it taste green and earthy or sweet because its tropical? Well...both! Depending on what you use it for the flavor can change, it also depends on what you mix with it or if you drink it straight up in water.

The first thing I noticed besides the pretty green color, which i figured it would be, was how fine the powder was. This is baby powder fine so it will dissolve easily but also make a mess if you breathe anywhere near it. The smell is reminiscent of spinach or kale which is not unpleasant. I used this in water first and that was a mistake! It was gritty and not tropical tasting at all, it also says to use warm water which i th8nk made it taste worse since warm water is gross on its own

The second time i tried this i blended it up with greek yogurt, plain. It was MUCH better. Creamy and somewhat tart/sweet it had a much better mouth feel and taste then the plain water did. I recommend this, you can use tropical flavored regular or greek yogurt or just plain flavor.

Milk is also an alternative but you wont have the creaminess.and it will taste a bit unsweetened of you like sweet drinks.  The milk was not half bad though, i still however prefer the yogurt method. 

The energy i got from this was pretty good and i was full throught my morning until a bit after lunch time. You can also use this as a light bedtime snack to tide you until breakfast and it wont weigh you down. I have not tried this in baking but i may just give it a shot soon! 

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.


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