Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pack of 3 Natural Soaps

Maker - Sublime Beauty

Product type - Soap/Bath & Body

Price - $14.99

Where to Buy - Amazon

3 Different All Natural Soaps to Delight Your Facial & Body Skin, Eyes and Nose! 15% Shea Butter Base with Olive Oil and Essential Oils. 

Beautiful Patterns in Each Soap from the Organic and Pure Ingredients. Lovely for Daily Hand or Shower Use; Great for Kids; Perfect for Guest Baths.

The Base Ingredients of Each Soap Consists of Shea butter, olive, palm and coconut oils, sweet almond, green tea seed, evening primrose and jojoba, aloe, glycerin - then specific Essential Oils or Other Oils are used to Make the Difference Between Them!


I have used many soaps natural and not natural and every time i prefer natural so i was thrilled to try these three.

Right off the bat, these are HUGE. The bars are big and thick and would not suffer to be cut un half. In fact, i recommend it so that it can fit in your soap holder unless you have a large one. The patterns are pretty and i especially love the black bar.

The lather is decent and these are quite moisturizeing. I like that i dont get that horrible drying tug after i wash this off. I feel clean and soft after. I think my least favorite thing is sadly the smell. 

These do not smell bad, they just..smell like soap. Since they are natural they do not have added scent oils, at least not any like bakery or fruity. They have a natural scent that is gender neutral so you can have it in a guest room and not worry about it being to girly or manly. I do enjoy these soaps and they will last a long while especially if you cut them. 

Note - I have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.


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