Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mommy's Time Out Wine Review

Moscato Wine

Maker -Mommy's Time Out

Product - Food/Wine

Price - $9.99

Where to Buy - Official Site

Mommy's Time Out features 4 wines using top quality italian grapes for a smooth, fruity, delicious taste. The Wines available are: Pinot Grigio, Red, Moscato, and Pink. There is even a Chianti for men called Daddy's Day Off. I have not found a price list on the site however.


I have only had the Moscato (9.0 alchohal content) and it was very delicious. It is a pretty ivory white and smells gentle instead of harsh or acrid.

The top is not a cork, its a twist off and you can twist it back on. I like this because sometimes you dont have a cork popper around or want an entire bottle.

This is a decent size bottle for one or two people and it goes well with lighter meals as well as a chocolatey dessert. It is not super sweet nor is it bitter. It does not bubble up like most Moscato i have had and i was a little dissapointed at that.

Regardless this is a delicious wine that has a cute theme and offers a chance to relax and unwind slowly.

Note - I have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Brandi Hayden said...
    I love the name of this wine. They all sound delicious!
    Sarah Penrose said...
    Yum! If you like bubbly moscato, try cupcake wine: moscato de asti. Yunmmmmm!!!!!
    Yessi Tapia said...
    Looks tasty. I feel you on needing you time

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