Monday, June 15, 2015

Clip in Hair Extensions

Maker/Seller - Nuoqi

Product Type - Fashion/Hair

Where to Buy - Amazon Storefront

Price - $14.91

Nuoqi is a wig and fashion retailer leaning towards cosplay but also everyday wig wear (even some of the outfits are day wear to me) They provide wigs, costumes, anime novelty and other items. 


I recieved the light pink and light blue clip in hair extensions and i was amazed at the quality of these. They slid right out of the packing with hardly any tangling and they are so SOFT. Nothing like a synthetic wig material, this imitates my real hair fabulously.

These are pin straight so some styling and cutting may be necessary for your look. I cut mine to length for my hair and it worked very well (i am terrible at cutting) i will most likely go to my friend to razor it at a later date. Since these are heat resistant i could see barrel rolling it and straightening for many different looks. 

The clips on them are easy to operate and slide in to hair easily with some practise. The clips are white and black that i got and dont really match my hair color but my hair hides them pretty well. I have thin hair so they slid a little bit, i also have bad eyes so i did struggle personally with these but for others it should be a breeze. The high quality and softness of these extensions really gives me confidence to try a wig from them in the future!

Only good pic I could get before it slipped out. My hair is blueish so I used the pink and loved it.

Note - i have recieved this item in exchange for an honest review.

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