Sunday, March 29, 2015

Christmas Cookie Dog Body Mist

Christmas Cookie Dog Body Mist

Maker - Sunshine Jack

Product Type - Pet

Where to buy - Amazon

Price - $9.98

 BEST NEW AMAZON PET CARE PRODUCTS - Natural botanical pet spray scents combined for a delicious Christmas cookie scent 

BEST NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Premium grade natural oils condition skin & coat 

BEST PRODUCTS MADE BY AWARD-WINNING PET CARE PROFESSIONALS - Detergent-Free, Aeresol-Free, Eco-Friendly. PLUS - FREE eco-friendly grocery tote with an order of 2 or more Sunshine Jack products. Click on the Sunshine Jack General Store link to add the tote to your cart then type in code XUR7DZDM at checkout. 

BEST VALUE PRODUCT - Also great for freshening up pet bedding when you want to give your pet a delicious place to sleep! 

ECO-FRIENDLY - SAFE, GENTLE & DETERGENT FREE - Smells delicious all year long! Use as often as desired.

Panda is not an overly stinky dog, however some days she could use a freshening up. This dog body mist is great for that. We love that it is cruelty free, made in the U.S and natural.

The mist itself is light and comes out enough that you are not saturating your pup with product. Even so after i sprayed I rubbed it in. Panda was not thrilled having it on and rubbed into the blankets for a few seconds but she smells fantastic! It is VERY vanilla scented, so if you enjoy that scent you will love this 

I saw no side effects or ill effects from this and Pandas fur is soft and shiny besides smelling like holiday heaven. 

Note - I received this item in exchange for an honest review.


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