Sunday, March 22, 2015

2 in 1 Pest Control and Repeller

Maker - Genie Best

Product Type - Home/Pest Control

Where to Buy - Official Site

Price - $34.97

Our mission is to provide safe and superior indoor pest repellent without dangerous chemicals for your home & office use. See fast and substantial results in 1-3 weeks. 


 * Uses the latest pest control and pest offense technology - Emits powerful frequencies/waves and electrical pulses at random time intervals (they are harmless to humans and pets). These electronic sounds pound the ear drums of the small offensive critters and drive them away. 

 HOW OUR DEVICES STAND OUT * Our Pest Repellers alter the existing electrical field in your home or workplace. They give out non-toxic, negative-ion force through your existing wiring and gets rid of pests and rodents from their hiding places. * Its unique "pause and resume" feature alters the frequencies regularly. Your pests cannot get accustomed to them and will LEAVE YOUR HOME FOR GOOD! 


* Kids and Pets Friendly 
 * Absolutely No Maintenance - Just Plug In 
 * Unlimited use - no need for refills 
 * One pest repeller covers approximately 2,000 feet (3-4 times more powerful than other models)
 * Practical built-in night light (on/off) Operation Red light - Power On | Green light - Technology On | Yellow light - Technology Pause (alternate sound waves) Low buzz sound undetectable to most users except those who are very sensitive to sound. It is normal for pests to become more active when they try to escape

I have a new apartment, I have been in here for approximately three months and I had noticed that I would be sucking up about 3-5 stinkbugs every other day or so and it got very annoying. So when I was offered to review this item in exchange for using it and giving my opinion I was very excited.

I plugged this into my wall that is directly next to where the bugs show up since it is my window (Please disregard that in the picture I have it upside down.. I have moments). For some reason they love it there, I guess because it is also where the heat register is and it is easy in and out for them. Well, I plugged it in, and waited.

Like it says on the sheet you get, the bugs may come out more because of the newness of the electric waves and such.. I did not notice any more than usual, but I did notice less than usual. I was only sucking up one or two in a 4 day span. This was MUCH better than before! You hear nothing with this, and it can also double as a night light. This did not affect my dog in any way, she didn't go near it or seem bothered by it so it is safe for pups ears. I do not have mice (i like mice anyways..) or critters of that sort but I do hope that this keep spiders away as well as the stinkbugs, since spiders are FAR worse than stinkbugs! 

Want 30% off your own 2 in 1 Pest control device? The maker is offering up a coupon code until March 31st or until they are sold out. All you need to do is add the product to your cart (this code works on multiple devices) and use the code PPP30OFF. 


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