Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jackpot Jewelry Candles Review

Jackpot Candles

What is it? 

Jackpot Candles feature fantastic scented soy candles (100% Natural and made in the US) that contain a hidden gem inside worth anywhere from $15 to $5000. You an choose to get a necklace, ring (in your specified size) or a pair of earrings. The candle itself is a joy, with scent that lasts for hours and hours of burn time. The added bonus of a mystery accessory and an on-site appraisal of it is the really fun part!

I received a Jackpot candle to review and I chose a ring in mine as well as the scent Caramel Coffee Latte. There were quite a few different scents to choose from and I had a hard time picking. Did I want blueberry muffin? Cooling Cucumber Melon? Or maybe something off the wall like Valentine candy hearts? Being a coffee addict though I had to try the latte scent (Haha.) The candle itself is quite tall and a great size for the price you pay and for how long it lasts. I had mine burning for about 6-8 hours and I barely made a dent in it! 

The smell of this was AMAZING! It was spot on caramel coffee scented and made my apartment smell wonderful. It never got overpowering and it never lost its scent either. The flame did get a little high for my liking at once point but it eventually went down after awhile. 

After the 6-8 hours I could not stand it any longer and I grabbed a pair of tweezers and dug into the melted wax. My prize was just under the label and so it was easy to grab when the wax was melted enough. Now, I have gotten some candles like this before and it has always been such a hassle to wiggle the jewelry out. Not this candle though! The aluminum foil wrapped ring slid out easily and it was just a quick wash ob of my tweezers and the foil and it was ready to be revealed.

What is inside?!

So When I opened up the aluminum I saw a small ring shaped plastic baggie.. got to love the protection! I wiped it off with a hot wash cloth and gently opened it (I did not want wax on my new ring!) and shook the ring out. I was in shock As I said I have gotten these types of candles before and I was usually disappointed with the rings I have gotten, they would be too gaudy, too costume looking. This was NOT.

Look how pretty that is! It is so simple and real looking. (Value was $19) the silver part has not faded and I have worn this daily since I got it a week ago. The red is dark like a ruby and the design is just elegant. I was very, very happy to get such a gorgeous ring and so well made too, no loose gem here! 

If you want your own Jackpot Candle you can check them out HERE and as a nice offer you get $5 off your first order for signing up with their emails. 

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  1. Brandi Hayden said...
    Cute ring. I love jewelry candles. I bet Latte smells good.

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