Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Monkey Tea Infuser Review

Cute Monkey Tea Infuser

Maker - Leafholic

Product Type - Kitchen/Food & Drink/Accessory

Where to Buy - Amazon

Price - $9.97

Enjoy A Better Tea Experience With The Tea-Ready Indicating Monkey Tea Infuser! The Only Tea Steeper In The Market That Lets You Know When Your Tea Is Optimal To Drink.

 Our Monkey Tea Infuser Provides You With The Following Benefits:

 - BPA Free and Safe to use. Our infuser is made of the same material used in the production of baby feeding bottles.
- Long Lasting Durability. The use of high quality materials makes our product more durable and heat deformation free.
- Beautiful Design. It is designed to make it easy to use, clean and display.
- Wide Selection Of Colors.

It is just so cute!  This is perfect to hold one cups worth of loose leaf tea. This is made with silicone so it is easy to clean and safe for boiling water, it will not melt or get super hot like a metal ball. The little monkey holds onto your tea cup while its bottom half brews your tea. Filling the cup too much with water though may have him tipping over a bit so be careful. 

It is more pink in better light!

The BEST part about this though is that when he gets hot his face changes colors! They come in three different varieties: Red, Yellow or Pink. Mine is pink (i may have to get the other two colors as well) and I love how adorable it is when it changes, it looks like my monkey is blushing! The face goes back to brown when it cools down and it is a nice indicator of when your tea is ready to drink and when it is cool enough that maybe you want to make another cup haha.

Note - I received this item in exchange for an honest review. 


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