Thursday, March 12, 2015

Waist Trimmer Belt

Maker - Actervate

Product Type - Fitness 

Where to buy - Amazon

Price - $19.95

Actervate waist trimmer belt - 3 in one weight loss solution. LIKE A MINI SAUNA SUIT For effective, focused water weight loss and body sculpting.

The 3 in 1 - trimmer, slimmer and sweat belt, gives lumber support needed for a safe workout. Achieve a better healthier body. Focused heat build-up, increased blood flow and heat retention in your core waist region during exercise.

This heat generation in your core promotes weight loss by increased sweating and water weight loss during exercise routines. There is no miracle weight loss formula, device or food group - weight loss is a combination of diet, exercise and Actervate waist trimmer belt, no one device or food can be given the glory when it comes to weight loss or body sculpting. It is a combination of all 3 working together to gets results.

 Supports your lower back with even compression and flexibility and Fits most waist sizes up to 42 inches •  Belt width dimension is 8 inches Focused core heat retention for a more effective workout routine •  3 in one trimmer, slimmer and sweat belt Comfortable soft and flexible Light Weight for a better Fit • 100% latex-free neoprene •  Hand washable in soapy warm water

Want to amp up your workout comfortably? Want to add a bit more sweat to your routine and possibly burn more calories faster? The Actervate waist trimmer belt is an attractive and easy way to do so!

Guys you may not enjoy that it is bright pink (I don't even enjoy bright pink) however it is much different from the regular black belts you see these days and thus I enjoyed the color for simple uniqueness. 

The belt is soft to the touch and attaches to itself with Velcro for ease of use. It fits up to a 42 waist and wraps snugly around your body if you want it to or looser. I put this as tight as i could around my abdomen and I was very comfortable. It did shift a bit when i started my workout but it quickly got into a good place and I did not have to adjust it. It is well made and great quality. 

I used this for my 20 minute workout where i was using my own body weight against me and i could feel the sweat after a few minutes, something that I would not feel without the belt. I definitely felt that it made me work a bit harder and sweat  a lot more! While I can't count my calories while working out so I do not know if I burned more or not (I do hope so!) I will continue to use this belt because I felt like I had and feeling good is a big part of keeping up a workout routine.

Note - I received this item in exchange for an honest review. 


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