Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pink Dog Booties Review

Pink Dog Booties

Maker - ColorfulHouse

Product Type - Dog/Clothing

Where to Buy - Amazon

Price - $16.99

  • Leopard design pet snow boots for winter 
  • Made of suede material, filled with warm sherpa 
  • Size S measures approx 1.8x1.4 Inches; Good for small dogs 
  • Available in two colors: brown, pink 
  • Package Content : 4 x Dog Shoes;

Anyone who has a dog knows that snow is terrible for their paws. Not only is it cold but some longer haired dogs can get it stuck in clumps around their pads and it can be very damaging. Ice is also slippery and your poor pup could slip and break something if they are not careful.

These boots are perfect for keeping your dogs feet warm and dry and slip free. The super cute leopard design is also a plus. These come in sizes Small to Extra Large and in two lovely colors: Pink and Brown, there are four booties in each package. These slip over your dogs feet easily and tighten gently around the leg with Velcro. If you have a finicky pup you may have to hold them in your lap to get them on and then Velcro them tight but really it is super easy and should take you too long to do unless your dog is really energetic or really hates their paws touched.

I could only get my dog Panda in two of these before she got annoyed with me taking video and pictures. I had to Velcro it almost all the way around since she has tiny paws so for a really small dog (teacup or a Yorkshire Terrier) I would say that these may not fit, but you could always try! These are very well made, super soft and plush outside and in. If you get them on and your dog does walk a little drunkenly do not panic, they do need to get used to them and are not in any pain, only a little discomfort (like humans breaking in new shoes) Panda got used to these pretty quickly and it was very fun watching her walk around in them, they pop right off when its time to put them away and there are no ill effects from the dogs wearing them. I really enjoy these booties and I can see Panda wearing them whenever it happens to snow here or get icy.  

Note - I received this product in exchange for an honest review.


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