Saturday, March 28, 2015

Invitamin Products Review

Invitamin body lotion and shave gel

Maker - Invitamin Official Site

Product Type - Beauty/Body

Price - Varies

Invitamin offers a variety of Natural bath and body items including soaps, toothbrushes, lotions and more.

I usually stick with etsy and my known indie brands of body care but I had the chance to get these items discounted in exchange for an honest review, so I gave them a shot.

Firstly, being all natural is a plus. I hate all the chemicals that companies put into thier products so when I find natural choices I go with them more often than not. Invatamin body lotion is silky and smooths my skin wonderfully! It has a lemony smell to it, quite powerful but not quite lemon pledge. It absorbs into the skin quickly and the smell mellows out, it is non-greasy and after a few hours I do not smell the lemon but a nice herbal scent. 

The shave gel I got on a whim. I do not usually use gels to shave but just my bar soap. I have changed that thought process after using this! It has a orange smell that i like and it does not foam up like other shave gels. It stays a gel and you really do not need to use much. It makes shaving smooth and effortless. My legs afterwards were silky and soft, i used the lotion after and the combination of them us wonderful and a citrus explosion! (In a good way) 

If you like natural products I would really rrecommend you try Invitamin for your needs, they are priced right and the products are great.

Want to try some items at a discount? Just add the ones you want to your Invitamin cart and use this code: URG90discount  Active until the end of May 2015!


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