Monday, March 16, 2015

Charter-Inc Makeup Review

Charter-Inc Emori Makeup

Products - Makeup, phone accessories, wallets and more

Where to buy - Amazon Storefront

Price - Varies

I was given the opportunity to review a large amount of makeup in exchange for my honest opinion. The makeup is all very well packaged and I was overwhelmed at first, there was just so much beauty goodness!  I did have tons of fun playing with it all and I will go about reviewing each item with pictures to match.

Nail Polish

I received a bunch of polishes. one of them being these double ended polishes that had a polish on each end and came in a nice pack of  6 (12 total) and are metallic. One of my polishes (the purple) was a bit gloppy, for lack of a better term and went on a bit more difficult than the other polishes which were perfect and you really only need one coat. One of the polishes was also a overcoat with gold sparkles, the sparkles were round and big so you could see them well and had a bit of glitter in it as well, it was very pretty on top of the metallic barbie color. Shown is Metallic black and Metallic blue.


You can never have too much right? Firstly I got regular black mascara. What makes it special? You ask.. well, the tips of it are all varied! There are super skinny tips, some really fat ones and some in weird shapes (as shown) The color and formula are great, they volumize well and the black really shows up well and they are super fun to try out different brush heads and see how they work with your lashes. 

Next I got colored mascara. Being a purist I only use black but I did highlight the tips of my lashes with some of these, though not super bright these added a bit of charm and color to my lashes and was nice to have a complimentary color to my shadows. These come in a variety of colors. from top to bottom: Charcoal, blue, purple, green, black. I would have loved for a pink or red but these are just lovely!

The last mascaras I  got are my favorite. These are more of a glitter and add so much fun to your look. It does not BLING out your eyelashes but it adds a subtle sparkle depending on how much you put on. This comes in 10 fun colors and they are really easy to use, the wand is skinny and packs a lot of glitter onto it. I recommend using this on top of the black mascara from earlier. 

Eye Primer

This is a base to go on under your eye shadow To prep them for the color that will go on. This is a semi-clear gel that only takes a little bit to cover your eyelid and absorbs quickly. This will last you quite a long time! It worked very well and kept my eye shadow on for hours upon hours (i used it to go to a con and my shadow was still perfect afterwards) It also gave my eye shadow a bit of color pop and made it a bit brighter than if I ran it dry on my lids. 

Eye Shadow

Now this is my favorite part.. SHADOWS! I love shadows, I adore shadows and these are just.. AMAZING. All the formulas on these are silky, smooth and super pearly/sparkly but not overly so. They can be worn for day or night and work well with the sponge applicators you got in the palette or with a brush. I got three palettes but only shot two (the ones  used for the look i will post) The third one is THIS and I must say it is one of the prettiest and well put together pallets I have seen. The clasp is wonderful and the colors are great! All pallets come with sponges and have built in mirrors.

Now these shadows are 'diamond' shadows. They are sparkly like diamonds but not glittery. These colors are silky and go on smooth. In my pictures I used the light dove/white, the darker grey and put the purple over it to create a little color. The color really popped IRL and stayed on all day. I loved it. I think the ONLY bad thing i can say about Emori shadows is the smell. They have a very powdery smell that is a tad offensive to my nose. Below you an see the look i created wit these, there are thousands of looks you could possibly do and these will last you a while. 

All in all I really loved all the makeup I received from Charter-Inc and I do think they are a great company going in the right direction!


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