Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Teaser Tuesday


  • Pick up your current read
  • flip to a random page
  • post about (2) sentances that you find here for everyone, it can be more then 2 but dont make it too long!
  • please try not to include spoilters!

Book - In the Hand of the Goddess (song of the lioness book 2)
Author - Tamora Pierce
He clamped a hand around Alanna's arm  and levered her out of her seat, walking her out onto the floor. It was either walk or be dragged; Alanna sometimes wondered if Gary knew his own strength.

-Love, Love, Love this book/series!-

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  1. Caroline said...
    I loved that book series. Glad you're enjoying it so much. :)
    My teaser: http://wordsandwhisperings.blogspot.com/2010/11/teaser-tuesdays-4-nightshade-by-andrea.html

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