Friday, November 26, 2010

Cover Love?

Alright, this is my first Cover Love? post and im only doing it when i find a cover i absolutly love, or hate.

I just finished Ghost Town (morganville vampires bk 9) and i went searching for the next one to see when it comes out (May 2nd 2011) and this is the cover i found, i dont know if it will change and ive never singled out a cover for my inspection and opinion but here we go:

Its a nice cover to be sure, i do love the background with its iron gates and blue, somber tones.
However, while the model for Claire is fine, i guess. I do not like the model for (assuming..) Shane. He looks
dopey and while Shane is not the smartest guy, he is no dope. He also in my opinion, is not cute.
I do like how they look determined , well Claire does Shane just looks like "Hey im pretty, and i know it".. perhaps i have something against Shane?
All in all it is a fine cover and the first one with two people in it if i recall correctly.

Now if only we could get one with Myrnin on it.. lol!

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  1. Book Kritik said...
    I still need to read Ghost Town! But I completely agree with you on the cover for Bite Club. The guy looks as if something went into his eye or something.

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