Thursday, November 25, 2010

Title - In the Hand of the Goddess
Author - Tamora Pierce
Genre - Fantasy/YA
Pages - 288

I don't want to fall in love. I just want to be a warrior maiden."
Still disguised as a boy, Alanna becomes a squire to none other than the prince of the realm. Prince Jonathan is not only Alanna's liege lord, he is also her best friend -- and one of the few who knows the secret of her true identity. But when a mysterious sorceror threatens the prince's life, it will take all of Alanna's skill, strength, and magical power to protect him -- even at the risk of revealing who she really is...

Filled with swords and sorcery, adventure and intrigue, good and evil, Alanna's second adventure continues the saga of a girl who dares to follow her dreams -- and the magical destiny that awaits her.
Alanna's journey continues...

First off, I ADORE Tamora Pierce her books are clean, not too long and very entertaining.

Alright, back to the review:
In the Hand of the Goddess is the second book in the Song of the Lioness series. Alanna (Alan)
is still at the courts trying to win her shield, and become a knight. However, many dangers are presented as an evil sorceror is trying very hard to kill her and all she loves.  Tamora Pierce has a fabulous way of telling stories, In the Hand of the Goddess is written well and  clear, with no swearing, no sexual scenes (only a bit is implied) and the story flows very smoothly.

The charactors are REAL, Alanna is a strong girl with real worries, fear, hopes and dreams. She is not a spurnned woman out for revenge, she is solely becoming a knight because she wants to do the right thing, she wants to fight for her king and always follow the code of chivalry. The other charactors are just as real. George the thief is sweet and witty and caring, Prince jonathan is just as kind but also has a jelous side.
The other squires round out the cast wonderfully, and Roger is the perfect villian.

I enjoy such light-hearted and fun books that do have a serious side, with battles and plots, In the hand of the Goddess and  the book before are sure to please any age, as well as the two others in the series.


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