Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review - Divine Misfortune

Title - Divine Misfortune
Author - A. Lee Martinez
Genre - Fiction/Fantasy
Pages - 320
Challenge- Non YA book challenge
Format Read - Ebook

DIVINE MISFORTUNE is a story of gods and mortals---in worship, in love, and at parties. 

Teri and Phil had never needed their own personal god. But when Phil is passed up for a promotion - again it's time to take matters into their own hands. And look online. 
Choosing a god isn't as simple as you would think. There are too many choices; and they often have very hefty prices for their eternal devotion: blood, money, sacrifices, and vows of chastity. But then they found Luka, raccoon god of prosperity. All he wants is a small cut of their good fortune.  Oh -- and can he crash on their couch for a few days? 
Throw in a heartbroken love goddess and an ancient deity bent on revenge and not even the gods can save Teri and Phil.

The premise was very imaginative, though the story was a bit..meh. It had the potential to be so well done and well written but it falls short. Luca (Lucky) the raccoon god of prosperity is down on his luck so  he decides to move into the home of Teri and Phil after becoming thier god. Soon after Quetzecotl, the aztec serpent god decides to stick around too. The story alternatesw between Teri and Phils story to Bonnies and to Rogers, they are all tied together and it was fun to see how they all came together and how it all played out.

The charactors themselves were a bit boring, i did not really care for any of them and i did not  really feel connected. I think i really only liked the Goddess of heartbreak Syph. It was nice though to see some of the lesser known gods mentioned as well as some we all know. 
The comedy is fun and it is a book that does not take itself seriously, that is a good thing. 

 If your looking for a short, light read then this is the book for you.


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