Monday, November 29, 2010

Mondays Mythical Creatures

(Pooka, Phooka, Púca)

                                  Old Irish "poc"  meaning A male goat
                      Scandonavian  "pook" or "puke" meaning Nature Spirit

  • Shapeshifter (forms are a black goat, an eagle or more commanly a white or black horse with glowing yellow eyes)
  • 21st century the Phouka changed from a terrifying spirit to a peaceful garden gnome
  • Lives in mountains and hills
  • Has the power of human speech
  • Assosiated with Samhain, when the last harvest is brought in the remaining crops are considerd 'puka' and are inedible
  • November 1st is Phouka's Day, a day when it will act civilly
Phouka In Books


  1. Kristina Barnes♥ said...
    You know what? I've never thought a phouka would look like that. That's pretty cool. xD

    I've read about phouka's in the Iron Fey series, and was imagining them as a sort of satyr hybrid. Anyway, all the info you collected on phouka's were definitely cool! :)
    Mad Scientist said...
    You are most wonderful for adding the Save a Tree Button. I'll be looking forward to your review links :)

    New follower!!

    Mad Scientist

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