Saturday, November 20, 2010

Title - The Greyfriar (Vampire Empire, book 1)
Author- Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith
Genre - Fiction/steampunk
Pages - 303

Description (from back of book)
In the year 1870, a horrible plague of vampires swept over the northern regions of the world. Millions of humans were killed outright.
Millions more died of disease and famine due to the havoc that followed. Within two years, once-great cities were shrouded by the grey empire of the vampire clans.
Human refugees fled south to the tropics because vampires could not tolerate the constant heat there. They brough technology and a feverish drive to reestablish thier shattered
societies of steam and iron amid the mosques of Alexandria, the torrid quietude of Panama, or the green tempmles of Maltaya.
It is now 2020 and a bloody reckoning is coming.

Princess Adele is heir to the Empire Equatoria, a remnant of the old tropical British Empire. She is quick with her wit as well as with a sword and gun. She is easger for an adventure before she settles into a life of duty and political marriage to a man she does not know.
But her quest turns black when she becomes the target of a merciless vampire clan. Her only protector is the Greyfriar, a mysterious hero who fights the vampires from deep within thier territory.
Thier dangerous relationship plays out against an apporoaching war to the death between humankind and the vampire clans.

Vampire Empire (The Greyfriar, Book 1) was my first step into Steampunk literature, and im glad that I had recieved this book to review!
 While the story and take on vampires is nothing really new, the way it is told was beautiful and impeccably written. The story flows easily and does not feel forced or pushed at the end or at any part. While some parts may be confusing, they are quickly remedied within a few sentances.

 The charactors are likeable, even the intentionally unlikeable ones. Adele, our heroine is smart, witty, kind an d confident. Greyfriar is mysterious, strong, and loyal. I instantly fell in love with both of them, they are real and have real emotions and concerns. Another charactor I loved was Prince Gareth, the vampire prince, who is trying to understand humans more. He was heartbreaking for me and I ended up falling for him early on.
The 'unlikeable' charactors are subjective since i did like some of them Flay for example is the war chief of Prince Caesar (Gareths brother) and a ruthless killer, but i ended up likeing her becuase she also had a sort of soft side if you looked deeper at her. The others where easier to not like, Caesar is cruel and manipulative, Clark, while probably not supposed to be a bad guy, had me hateing him for his harsh treatment of Adele and his motives behind all he does.

Besides the charactors The Greyfriar (Vampire Empire, Book 1) offers tons of action, a little romance, scemeing, passion and a great read all around. Susan and Clay Griffith have created a magnificant world for readers. I anxiously await the second book in this vampire trilogy!

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    I got this book for review as well. I'm glad you liked it, now I'm eager to read it!

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