Monday, November 29, 2010

a question for you all..

Mondays are my 'mythical creature mondays' where i highlight a mythical creature, be it fae, angel, demon, whatever and give a bit of info, a pic or two then some books on where they feature.
Does anyone really even read my posts? do you care?
i know i love reading about mythical creatures, it interests me very much and i do love posting them. I wanted to do something diffrent on mondays then anyone else but if noone is reading them then whats the point?
please let me know!
just to let you in on it.. today would have been the Phouka (Pooka, Puca, Phooka)


  1. Brooke said...
    I typically click on them if they pop up on my blog roll. Personally, I like the touch of originality that your series brings to your blog. It helps readers get to know you, the blogger.

    It's easy to just post reviews of what you read, but a true blog should have some original pieces going through it. At least, that's what I think.
    Kristina Barnes♥ said...
    I care! I think mythological creatures are absolutely fascinating. I usually leave my mind up to creating these creatures while I read the books, so I never really look more into it than that (I should!).
    Crystal said...
    I think this is great! I wish I would have thought of it! :-) I know I will look forward to reading them!

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