Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Mythical Creatures


  • In Greek mythology a Nymph was a minor nature deity, usually associated with a particular landform or location.
  • Generally seen as divine spirits who animate nature
  • They would never die of old age or illness
  • Nymphs were the frequent targets of Satyrs
  • There are 5 types of Nymphs
  • Celestial
  • Underworld
  • Wood
  • River
  • Land

Art by: Chris Ortega

Nymphs in books

The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan - The satyr Grover gets a Wood Nymph girlfriend

(Unlike the mermaids and other creatures, Nymphs are not really used in books, other then to describe a women as a 'nymph' someone who is sexual, or lustfull. My apologies for the sparse reading for this creature.)

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  1. Evie said...
    It's the first time I actually got to visit your blog on Monday and I must say : Monday Mythical Creature is a really great idea!
    I love mythology~ Your weekly post on the subject is a great way for me to learn something new!


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