Saturday, March 19, 2011

Review - Blood of a Werewolf


Title - Blood of a Werewolf
Author - T. Lynne Tolles
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Pages - 200
ISBN - 9781453798027

Description (from goodreads)

Darby O'Rielly is not your typical girl next door. She and her sister are ancestral witches, but have never been taught the art of their craft in an attempt to have the girls 'fit in' to their tiny community. When a dark stranger and his brother enter her life, love blooms and havoc ensues. For these two handsome brothers aren't just good looking, they are 'born vampires' of royal blood and they have hunters hot on their trail. When a Van Helsing wanna-be arrives and threatens Devon and Blake's immortal lives, Darby unleashes a deadly magic in order to save them. As vengeance for killing his hunter, our villain kidnaps, Rowan, Darby's sister and injects her with werewolf blood. Darby, Devon and Blake take a redeye to Maine to try and save her. A search then ensues to find a werewolf named Dean who isn't exceptionally friendly or eager to help friends of vampires


I thought this book was going to be more actiony. In fact, there is little action even when Darcys sister gets kidnapped.

Darby is our main female character, she along with her sister are part of a very powerful witch family. However, there were many things i found wrong with the witchcraft in this book, for one Darcy tells Devon (our main guy..) shes a witch, 5 minutes after meeting him! Any true witch would not do this, the guy could be a hunter, or bible thumper for all she knew. Also, Darby just kind of comes into her power, and even then its sparse and rather unbelieveable.

The romance? Its sickly sweet. Darby and Devon hit it off immediantly, he is also kind of stalkerish after thier first date is canceled, he sends her gifts every day afterwards for a week. Thats, rather creepy but Darby eats it up. Thier love is so cavity induceing i felt myself cringeing. Then Rowan starts dateing Devons brother Blake, I couldnt help but wonder how that would play out since eventually Devon and Darby get engaged.. how would BLake and Rowan marry if they wanted to?

I liked the addition of the werewolf aspect though and I loved Dean. I was very happy when he came and mixed everything up. The writing style was OK, nothing spectacular but it gave imagery. The book is also clean which i appreciated, no over-sexual scenes, no swearing. This book was not for me really, while i enjoyed the beggining and parts with Dean, it was a mish-mash of ups and downs. However,if you enjoy romances and a bit of action/mystery, you may like it.


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