Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Teaser Tuesdays

  1. Pick up your current read and flip to a random page
  2. choose (2) sentances (it can be a bit more if need be) and share them
  3. List the authors name and the book title so other knows what your reading
  4. No Spoilers!
Title - Promise of the Wolves
Author - Dorothy Hearst


Ruuqo led the three of us forward, so close that we were almost touching the elkryn. My heart pounded in my chest. At last we were hunting.


  1. Universe in Words said...
    And you can feel the tension and excitement rising! Great Teaser!! Old follower hopping by!! Hop over if you have the time!!
    Juli @ Universe in Words
    Mad Scientist said...
    I know I was almost excited as well. To be hunting and feel the thrill of what they were feeling with great anticipation...

    What a tease you are this week!

    Mad Scientist

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