Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Teaser Tuesday

  1. Pickup your current read an flip to a random page
  2. choose (2) sentances (you may use more but not to many) to share
  3. Name the Title and Author so others can check out the book
  4. No Spoilers!!!
Title - Bridge of Birds
Author - Barry Hughart


I heard that Auntie Hua had been a rather wild beauty in her youth and i briefly wondered whether she might have reason to sacrifice to Pan Chin-Lien, the patron of fallen women, but i had no time for such speculations because i was off and running like the wind.

I am loving this book, I had put off reading it for so long and im sad that I did. It is rather wonderful. So much mythology and legend!

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  1. Kristen - Seeing Night said...
    Havent heard of this book but I like the teaser! Thanks for visiting my blog (:

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