Monday, March 29, 2010

Review - Voices of Dragons

Title -  Voices of Dragons
Author - Carrie Vaughn
Pages - 320
Genre - YA/Fantasy
In an alternate 21st century, teens have cell phones and cars, and worry about who will take them to homecoming and whether or not to have sex. They also have dragon drills—just in case the creatures cross the border and attack. After World War II, the dragons, who had been in hiding for centuries, reemerged from myth into real life. Humans, still on edge from the trauma of the war, struck out at them, causing a conflict in which many on both sides died. A truce was reached, a border was created, and a tentative peace was established. Seventeen-year-old Kay lives on the border of Dragon. After a fall during an ill-advised solo climb, she is rescued by Artegal, a dragon who is studying human language. Over the next weeks, a tentative friendship grows into a bond between them. When the border is breached and a conflict begins, they must rely on their friendship to repair the damage before too many lives are lost.

  In a time when Vampires, Fairies, and to a lesser extent, Werewolves rule the Young Adult novel scene dragons are rarely mentioned. Well, Carrie Vaughn has made a bold statement showing us that they SHOULD be mentioned with the others!

Voices of Dragons is a unique YA novel that will take your breath away and make you go 'awww'.
Kay and Artegals relationship is precious, Kay is a tough teen who likes to rock climb and be outdoorsy, we see the story through her eyes. Artegal is a young dragon who is curious about humans and wants to learn more about them from Kay, as he puts it "becuase not supposed to" His innocent and often childlike manner of speaking adds to his charm and appeal.

Kay and Artegal become friends, they share stories and Kay teaches him how to speak human better, they go for flights with Kay on his back strapped into a harness, during one of these flights is when the border into Dragon from the humans side is crossed by a military jet and all heck breaks loose. Its here that you will get frustrated with the humans, and here where you will be gunning for Kay and Artegal for the rest of the book.

Vaughns writting style is clean, easy to read and uses the right emotional tone for the setting. I found myself crying at certain parts and laughing at others. The descriptions of the dragons are beautiful and make them come alive for the reader and the teenage drama that I suppose every teenager goes through (friends, family, school, boyfriends/girlfriends, sex, etc) adds life to Kay, and makes her seem more vulnerable and not unpenetrable. This is a good thing!

The cover for Voices of Dragons is simple, but depicts Kay as she is described in the book. It also gives a bit of serenity with the backlighting making her glow, its nice but i would have liked to have maby seen a dragon on the cover too, instead of the clipartish one behind the title.

I don't know when or if there will be a sequel (the ending made it seem so!) Ill definatly let you know if/when that is! Until then, pick up this book! You will NOT regret it!

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    Another one of my TBR's that I'm even more anxious for now! Great review!

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