Saturday, March 6, 2010

Review - Fell

Title - Fell
Author - David Clement-Davies
Pages - 523
Genre - Fantasy
Description (From back of book)
 Among the wolves of Transylvania walks a fearful legend: a black wolf with the power to see into the minds of other animals. Fell is a Kerl, a longer, separated from his pack by the power of the Sight and by his guilt over the death of his beloved sister Larka.
  The villagers call Alina a changeling, a creature left by the fairies, and fear her. The sheperd Malduk, who rescued her  from the snows, makes her dress as a boy and work twice as hard as one. It is a bitter, lonely life, haunted by terrible dreams, until the day Alina learns some of the truth about her past and sets out into a world fraught with danger to find her real home...
Fell is the second book in The Sight series (folowing The Sight, which focuses on Larka).
This time around Davies focuses on Fell and the human Alina. Fell is struggling with the acceptence of his sisters death and with the guilt he feels over it. He also learns more of the sight (and thus we do too) and learns more about himself then he knows. We also follow Alina as she journeys from her home after unexpected cirsumstances, as she tries to find out who she really is.
It is no suprise that these two lonely travelers meet and start a journey together, both gifted with the power of
the sight. Fell is a masterful book fraught with heartache, peril, kindess and thought. There are many morals in this book and it would be naughty of me to mention them as they should present themselves to you so that you can understand them as well.
Davies does a wonderful job writing the book and its segmented into chapters at wonderful times, there is enough myster and suspence to keep you reading and the charactors have thier own distinct personalities from the the littlest of cast (Ottol the beaver) to the most malicious (Vladeron). Fell is definatly a must-read book, and i do recommend you read The Sight and follow Larkas story beforehand or you may be a tad lost. 
 Look out for Davies next book Scream of the White Bears which there is a little preview of it in the back of Fell.


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