Monday, March 1, 2010

Malti-Post Monday

Hello there! My name is Panda and i am LunaMoths furkid, I have decided that on Mondays I will take over Moms Blog and post about what I have thought this last week. You may be wondering, "why is it called Malti-post Monday, is that not spelt wrong?" Well, yes and no. you see it is MULTI, but I am a MALTIpoo (maltese and poodle) so therefore, spelt quite right actually.
 Now for my post. About 2 months ago mom bought a Kindle, you know what that is right? the medium sized square chew toy that mom wont let me chew, but somehow takes up 80 percent of our cuddle time each day. I have cleverly figured out from the lack of square paper chew toys she called 'books' that this new metal one must be where she is keeping all her books! Oh, she goes on and on about it no doubt, i must listen as that is what i am very good at.
So what makes this contraption so special? Mom says she can read better becuase the screen ahs no glare, there is no sun shining off the surface, you see mom has a bit of a vision problem so it helps her quite a bit.
She also loves that she can change the text size larger or smaller, she uses large for reading but uses a smaller text when checking her mail on it, she spends hours at night e-mailing her friends while i try to cuddle into her on the bed *sigh*
Ahem, anyways she is always buying new books and getting them super fast, once she finishes a book she goes onto the kindle store and buys another! and not just that, she gets books form other sites for free or pays a little fee and she can covert them to .mobi and poof! they are on that cursed thing as well! I know i should not complain, mom gives me ample pets and schomoos whiles she is reading, but i jsut wish they made a chewy version, before i take out my anger on her real version =P

Well, thats all for this week, tune in next week when i discuss something else, maby it will be thought provoking or contraversial! then again, i AM just a dog... right?


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