Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review - Strange Angel

Title - Strange Angel
Author - Adam P. Knave
Pages - 276
Genre - Fantasy / Horror
Susie Sparrow's life has turned upside down. She's merged with Ferapont, who says he is an angel, and has dedicated her life to ridding the world of demon possessed people. Unfortunately she is also in High School. Trying to schedule fights around school, hanging out with friends and dinner with the parents might be too much for one girl with large flaming wings to handle. But don't tell her that.

For those of you who do not like alot of vulgar language, this book is NOT for you, Susie tends to swear left and right and while it did not bother me too much, it may be a bitt crass for some of you, just a little warning.

Back to the Review:

Susie Sparrow has one hell of a life! Through almost unfortunate circumstances she has merged with the angel Ferapont (Susie likes to give him little nicknames like Pooky and PowerPoint, i giggled at these)
I immensly liked the relationship between Susie and Ferapont, Susie the trash talking, actions first teenager and Ferapont the calm, rational angel worked well together, they balanced out each others strong and weak points and made the story flow very nicely.

There is alot of death in "Strange Angel" and graphic, bloody scenes. What could you expect from a teenager with firey wings and can use fire as a weapon? She cant throw fireballs but she can make her internall temperature rise and fall, she learns how to channel that to a weapons (of her choice, which is usually whatever she happens to pick up) and the item will turn into a firey weapon of destruction that will not burn or melt when Susie holds it but once she lets go its gone.

About 60% into the book, it shifts perspectives. I wont give anything away but its like reading a whole new book, and i suppose it is since this is a compilation of  all three novels in the series and another short story. It was unexpected but continued on nicely.

Lastly, I want to just say a bit about the cover. The title "Strange Angel" is all well and good, but the cover, the angel on front made me think "Is this going to a be a Jesus book?" since I  honestly like to stay away from those. Thankfully, it was not and it was a very enjoyable read. Proof that you can't judge a book by its cover!

Check out Adams webpage, which has his blog, some free reads and other info : Stop Motion Verbosity

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  1. Ky said...
    Wow! Sounds great! Hahahaha! Really cuz that's not what I thought of when I saw the cover... maybe I just have a horribly dirty mind, but I thought it was pretty suggestive. Lolz. :D

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